As the New Year beckons, most people look at it as an opportunity for a reboot. Although arbitrary, it is the best time to leave behind the old and bring in the new. When you’re deciding on restructuring and revamping your life, don’t forget about the homefront. For décor lovers looking to get a head start on home décor trends in 2019, we’ve curated a few predictions to keep on your radar for the coming year.

Natural elements

2018 saw a barrage of tech-obsessed home interior design plans. While this style dominated most of last year, 2019 will see a substantial shift towards fresher, natural elements like copper, granite, marble, stone or concrete. The reason for choosing these elements is to give your home interior design a serene and organic ambience and will reflect the outside world in your home. And you don’t have to stop at just your living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Your balcony is a great space to experiment with these natural elements, too! Check out our 5 DIY tips to spruce up your balcony for some inspiration.

Velvet furnishings

Velvet always had a bad reputation for looking old-fashioned and stuffy. However, with time and trends changing, velvet in any form is now looked upon favourably. This multi-dimensional fabric gives off a feeling that is both luxurious and funky. Velvet will make a huge entry in 2019 as one of the most sought-after home décor trends. You can incorporate this versatile material in either your sofa sets, cushion covers, bedspreads, stools, and so on.

Mixed metal accents

Another unique home interior design that we predict will turn into a huge trend in 2019 is mixed metal accents. Incorporating an ensemble of two to three different metals or metal accents will give your space an artistic and tasteful quality without being over the top. For instance, you can try mixing gold, brass or nickel accents with aged iron or oil-rubbed bronze. Cool toned metals like silver and pewter mix well bronze and other deep metals. All you need to do is keep context and moderation in mind.

In fact, the home décor trend of mixed metals doesn’t need to be restricted to fixtures or accents. You can also experiment with metallic paints and introduce geometric shapes in each room to tie together a mixed metal theme. This will give every space in our home a luxurious, glamorous look that is balanced and comprehensive.

Primary hues

In 2017, home décor trends consisted of pale dusty tones; in 2018 there deep, jewelled-toned hues. Home décor trends covered the whole colour spectrum in the last two years. For 2019 however, we’re predicting bold primary colours will make a comeback. Think deep indigos, bright mustard yellows and bold, punchy reds – these bright and edgy primary colours will be at the forefront of 2019’s home décor trends. You can use a single colour in each room or try layering different colours through fabrics, paints, accessories, etc. to create some drama. Homes with white architectural elements will further amplify these colours.

Geometric patterns

Another brand new trend in home décor trends is using striking geometric designs. While geometric patterns were an important part of last year’s home décor trends, they will present themselves in 2019 in a whole new avatar, with bolder colours against oversized patterns. With this upcoming home interior design, enthusiasts will be able to create bold statements in every room without much effort. An effortless and chic way of incorporating this trend is by using geometric throws, blankets or cushions.


For several years now, the world of interior design has been dominated Japanese and Scandinavian inspired minimalist designs. But 2019 looks to be pointing in the direction of more maximalist tendencies, in a fresh and modern way. We don’t mean interior design trends will turn to follow a classic or traditional style. Instead, designers will turn towards bigger and bolder statement pieces that are long-lasting and from different periods. These statement pieces in different styles will seamlessly blend together to create interiors that are intrinsically unique. In fact, investing in one big piece of art or furniture can make your living room look bigger. As with the mixed metal trend, moderation and balance are key to pulling off this home interior design.

Light coloured floors

Dark wood floors have long been the popular choice for home interior design. However, the end of 2018 saw a marked decline in dark wood floors.

Looking forward to 2019, these once essential signs of luxury living will shift towards lighter, more natural colours. You can opt for recycled or engineered wood for more sustainable alternatives. Several manufacturers also specialise and deal in tile or vinyl flooring that is designed to look like wooden flooring.

With these home décor trends to watch out for in 2019, you’re sure to be ready to take on the next year! Head over to Casagrand today to find the perfect home to begin your interior design journey. Don’t forget to take a look at our blog on 5 characteristics of a superior home.