“First Impression is the Best Impression;” the living room is the first place that anyone who visits your house notices. Also, living room is the space where you spend your time with friends and family. Having a large living room is a boon; however, if you feel that your living room needs to be larger than what it is, you can use these seven cool hacks to make it appear larger than the original size.

1. Monochrome does wonders

The best way to make any space look larger is to monochrome it. If your walls are of one colour, try the same colour shades for your furniture, windowsills, etc. This trick works best because everything blends well and creates an illusion of space. If possible avoid curtains as they make the room look smaller. If at all you definitely need those drapes on your window, monochrome the curtains too.

2. Go for subtle colours

While dark colours do look creative, it is the light and subtle colours that will help you to make your space look bigger. While you can use dark colours for your house’s outer walls or bedrooms, for living room whites, beiges, and ivories work the best. Apart from adding space, subtle colours make the room feel brighter and airy.

3. Use multi-functional furniture

If you want to make your living room look bigger than what it is, go for furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes. For example, having an ottoman serves as a built-in storage cum coffee table; alternatively, it makes a good seating furniture too.

4. Decorate walls with mirrors

Adding a big mirror or a few small mirrors on the wall adds up a lot of space to your living room. Yes, mirrors create reflections. These reflections, in turn, create an illusion of space to you. You do not have to invest in a big, full-sized mirror; instead opt for one medium sized mirror or a few small mirrors. If you are using small mirrors, create a wall design pattern out of it. Alternatively, you can use mirrors on your cabinets too. If you are not fond of mirrors, use glass furniture, like glass-top coffee table or dining table. This can do the trick too.

5. Fold and stash your furniture

Apart from the big furniture that is immovable, like the sofa or lazy boy recliner, try to make other furniture movable, i.e. use dining tables, chairs, and work desks that can be folded and kept under other furniture or in a cabinet. The stashed furniture can be pulled out and used as and when necessary. This way, you will have a lot of empty space in the living room, which makes your room feel bigger and better.

6. Add a pop of colour

Although subtle tones always works when it comes to making rooms look bigger, adding a pop of colour, like purple, aqua, or teal, to your ceilings draw attention to your ceiling, creating an illusion of height, and makes your room look bigger than it is in reality. You can also add some fun fixtures on the wall to gather more attention to the ceiling.

7. Invest in one big piece of art or furniture

The popular belief is that, if one has a small space, then the furniture should be small too. On the contrary, adding one large piece of furniture, like a huge and royal arm chair or lazy boy recliner makes your living room look big. Alternatively, you also can add a large piece of art on one of the walls. This not only creates an illusion of space, but also adds elegance to your living room.

Apart from these 7 hacks, you can also try adding wall-to-wall bookshelves, use striped carpets on floors, take advantage of natural lights, and colour coordinate your knickknacks and books. These will definitely make your living space not just bigger, but more elegant and airy too.