Moving into a new house can be stressful and tiring on its own, right from packing and transporting furniture to unloading boxes. All these tasks are often clubbed with the sentiment of feeling out of place in an unfamiliar setting. Gifting your dear friend or loved one a thoughtful housewarming gift can help them embrace the change more quickly. Read on for perfect housewarming gift ideas that will make your loved one feel welcomed in their new home.

Cooking accessories


Cooking accessories are one of the best housewarming gift ideas. They come with the twin benefit of utility and style. For example, a bullet-style blender is a blessing in disguise for both health conscious people or someone who generally loves smoothies. You can also win over the hearts of a coffee lover by gifting an espresso machine. You’ll be thanked later when the smell of freshly ground coffee fills the air in the morning. For those who enjoy their morning breakfast with crispy waffles, a mini waffle iron would make an incredible choice for a housewarming gift.


As we all know, no Indian household can function without a pressure cooker. It’s an inevitable part of Indian cooking. Although it’s a bit conventional, it serves the purpose very well. Handy kitchen gadgets like an automatic pepper grinder, electronic whiskers can also be added to the list of thoughtful cooking accessories that double as housewarming gift ideas.

Potted houseplants


Gift a lively housewarming plant for your friend or family member as a symbol of your good wishes. Indoor plants will instantly add a calm and serene vibe to the place. It’s also a great way to spruce up your balcony. Plants like bamboo are considered to be the most auspicious plants that bring good luck and prosperity to the home and family. These plants grow very quickly and require very low maintenance.


Your other option for housewarming gift ideas could be faux succulents. They do not require any watering, care and attention. They come in a variety of colours, hues and sizes. It can add a little green to any room in a home. Kitchen herbs are also a very useful and a practical gifting idea. They make the kitchen look beautiful and also provide fresh garnishing ingredients. Ladies of the house will definitely cherish this one.

Table lamps and scented candles


A table lamp can double as a home appliance and also as home décor. They are practical and decorative at the same time. Table lamps can be fixed either by the bedside for those cosy night readers or on your office desk for more brightness.


Candles are also one of the most popular housewarming gift ideas. Aromatic oils scented candles have become a trend now. They are good while meditating, taking a nice long bath or for a romantic candlelit dinner. It’s believed to be therapeutic and ushers in positivity.

Eco-friendly articles


For a family that is environmentally conscientious, gifts like solar powered garden lights will be much appreciated. Since they do not use any electricity, there is virtually no carbon footprint left behind, making this an amazing and thoughtful gift for the eco-friendly clan.


It takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose to the last bit, and they can’t be recycled in most places. In an effort to alleviate the harmful effects these plastic straws have on our environment, you could gift a pack of metal straws as a housewarming gift. They are re-usable with long durability.

Wall Decor


Wall décor is an easy and most loved form of a gift. It can be anything from a wall clock, an aesthetic mirror to photo frames and paintings. Decorating the house can be challenging for the new house owner, so you can lend a helping hand by gifting them a painting of their favourite artist or a simple landscape painting- you can never go wrong with these! It will certainly enhance the look and feel of the home.


You can also gift them wall posters, maybe of their favourite movie, TV show, music band or sports team. This would make an amazing gift for young homeowners who love sticking posters on their walls.

Gift cards


If you are still running short of innovative housewarming gift ideas, gift cards are your saviour. It gives the recipient the freedom of choice to splurge the money in any way they wish, and you are relieved from the stress of finding the perfect gift for them. You can give them a gift card to their favourite clothing store, bookstore or home décor store.


Whether your loved one is investing in their first property or celebrating their second time buying a home, a perfect housewarming gift is always welcome to mark the occasion. You can also help them with some gruhapravesam tips to make the transition to a new home easy and hassle-free. If you are on the quest of finding your dream home, visit Casagrand for affordable luxury apartments.