If there is one thing Indian home buyers are very particular about, it is a well-performed housewarming ceremony. One of the oldest and most commonly practised housewarming ceremonies is the Gruhapravesam. A Gruhapravesam ceremony is performed before settling into a newly built house and is further divided into three categories depending on certain criteria:

  • The very first entry to a newly constructed property is called as Apoorva Gruhapravesam.
  • For NRIs looking to invest in existing property or anyone travelling abroad immediately after purchasing a home, they must perform Sapoorva Gruhapravesam on their return to India.
  • Owners of properties that have undergone changes or renovations after a natural calamity perform Dwandwah Gruhapravesam.

Auspicious days to celebrate

No matter if you’re buying a house for the first time or have saved up enough to purchase another, the Gruhapravesam proceedings remain largely the same. Choosing the right time and date for the ceremony is vital; performing the ceremony on auspicious days will bring good fortune, so make sure to consult with a priest before preparing for the big moving day. Auspicious times and dates for performing the Gruhapravesam vary from month to month.

Regardless of how grand your plan to organise the Gruhapravesam, two essential ceremonies have to be performed to commemorate the proceedings.

Vastu Pooja

This Pooja is performed just outside the entrance to the new home. The ceremony involves the use of a copper pot in which water, navadhanya and a one rupee coin in place. The pot is then covered by a red cloth over which a coconut is placed. The owner of the house then carries the pot inside the house and towards the havan as the priest performs the Pooja.

Vastu Shanti

Once inside the home, a Vastu Shanti Pooja is conducted by the priest. This Pooja is done to ward off the negative vibration and create a peaceful ambience. The priest is then offered a small feast for his services in conclusion of the proceedings.

Important things to consider

As essential and fun as it can be, performing a Gruhapravesam also involve a strict set of guidelines that must be carefully considered before, during and after the ceremony. Here’s a complete list of Dos and Don’ts.

Before the Gruhapravesam

  • Make sure to clean your house thoroughly; mopping the floor with salt and sprinkling holy water with mango leaves ensure that it is purified.
  • Place all your idols on the East facing direction of your house
  • Make sure that extra fittings including all the doors and windows are completed. Also, check to see if the paint along the walls has dried out.

During the Gruhapravesam

  • It is considered very auspicious to take the first step into entering your house with your right foot.
  • Do not move any furniture around the house during the entire proceeding.

After the Gruhapravesam

  • Do not leave your house empty for the first three days following the proceedings.
  • Keep any internal doors and windows unlocked and do not latch shut you main entrance for the first few days following the proceedings.

Celebrating in style

 If you are the sort of homeowner who relishes throwing lavish housewarming ceremonies, making the Gruhapravesam a memorable one should be on top of your “moving-in priority list”. While the mandatory Poojas are best performed in a quiet and formal way with a few close family members present, you can amp up the excitement of moving into your new home with a more casual party afterwards. The two most important elements that define a successful and glamorous Gruhapravesam are great food and an elegant presentation.


  • The Gruhapravesam ceremony gives neighbours the first glimpse of your new home, so you’ll want to make a good first impression. Start with decorating the main entrance; display attractive and colourful rangoli and spread aromatic flowers along the door. In the living room, set up a small display of serial lights and minimalistic furniture; you can also display some of your unique artefacts by placing them in patterns.
  • Make sure to cover up all open corners of your home to prevent the chance of echoes. The important thing is to go with a very simplistic yet attractive setting, as you have just moved in. For a better idea, check out our list of home décor trends for 2017.
  • As this is an auspicious ceremony, your menu should be strictly vegetarian. You can go with the age old formula of serving classic South Indian meals or try to mix and match the menu with Western veggie delights.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or an NRI investor, it is a great feeling to purchase a home and an even greater feeling to conduct a magnificent Gruhapravesam ceremony. Casagrand offers potential homeowners beautifully designed homes that can make such a ceremony one to remember.