To be engaged or married to someone is a feeling that makes one feel truly complete. Being in a romantic relationship is something that is a milestone of life, especially when you decide to commit for life, and get married. Once married, it’s natural to want to think of purchasing a property, or sharing one with your partner. It is natural to want to create a home that is conducive to your love, prosperity and calmness in your relationship. One may even wish to grow a family, so having a home that is filled with love is paramount.

The physical space in which one lives has a profound effect on one’s mental state. Just as a messy home results in a feeling of chaos and leads to disorganization in other aspects of life, having a home that does not feel cozy, romantic and filled with love can make one feel as though they are not completely comfortable in it. Choosing a wonderful home is the first step, and opting for a luxurious yet reasonably priced home, made by reputed and trusted builders like Casagrand, is an amazing choice.

From the inhabitants of the home, to the guests who come from time to time, it is important to decorate your home in a way that ameliorates your life. This extends to every single part of your home, especially your bedroom.

Here are some amazing home decor ideas (bedroom decorating) for couples:

  • Use warm, sunny colours
    Using warm tones has been known to create feelings of homeliness and peace. It is no surprise that yellows, rust tones and warm reds are known to increase compatibility in a couple. Warm tones make one feel loved up, comfortable and happy, and are known to look even nicer with lovely dim lighting. While there is nothing wrong with cool tones, warm tones are always preferable for a couple.

  • Buy soft and textured fabrics
    Soft and textured fabrics make one feel cozy. It is no surprise that this is a huge point when decorating a bedroom for anyone, not just a couple. Employ velvets, soft silks and Egyptian cotton when you are shopping for furnishings and bedding for your bedroom. A bedroom must be the coziest place in your home, so make sure your upholstery is soft and beautiful to touch!

  • Add lots of mood lighting
    While task lighting is important, unwinding after a long day means you need soft mood lighting to help you relax. Mood lighting is as romantic as it gets, so couples definitely do stand to benefit from it. If adding lots of mood lighting is not an option, we suggest adding candles at the bedside to add a calming vibe, and a wonderful scent through the room.

  • Use Feng Shui and Vaastu principles to promote harmony in your relationship
    The ancient sciences of Vaastu and Feng Shui have long employed certain rules for every aspect of the home. This definitely extends to the bedroom. There are certain principles common to both, such as ensuring you use only cheerful and soothing images, use warm tones, and to let in lots of natural light

  • Use photos as decor
    Using your best moments as decor and surrounding yourself with them makes sure you stay happy in your relationship, and promotes feelings of thankfulness and wellbeing. Frame and display photos from foreign trips, your wedding ceremony, or a wonderful memory you share, and you are bound to feel happy every time you look at them.

We hope you decorate your precious space with love and with intent. If you are looking for a beautiful abode to call home, with your partner, we urge you to consider the wonderful properties in Bangalore and Chennai built by Casagrand!