Is too much too less? Or is too less too much? If you are looking to hit the right balance for your home décor while still following the latest home décor trends in 2019, minimalist home décor is just the right solution! Whether it is re-designing your old flat or deciding something unique for your new home, going minimalist is the easiest yet most aesthetic look to opt for.

Drawing rooms are frequently occupied by you and your family. Choosing the right home décor can help you exude your personality, and can even help you organise better and have a great sense of space – mentally and physically. Minimalist home décor, if done well, can do precisely this. Minimalist home designs, therefore, require you to pay attention to the space and the exact layout of your house. If you have a few ideas up your sleeve to create the perfect minimalist look for your home, here’s what you’ll need to look out for to transform your home.

Clear the Clutter

The first thing you’ll have to ensure is to create adequate space. Whether it is a slew of cupboards or heaps of magazines, you will have to decide what is truly needed and what isn’t. Several things lying around may seem necessary, but are they? Give away extra chairs or desks that are unused or are blocking space. Before you know it, your first step to a comfortable and spacious home is already done! Organisation is key to a minimalist home design, and this will go a long way in helping you maintain this look in the long run.

It’s All About the Aesthetics

Minimalist home décor is low-cost and efficient but, more importantly, its aesthetic appearance is a bigger highlight, as you ease your wallet while still creating a beautiful home. Place your furniture in spots that are spacious, and move around the chairs to make it comfortable yet quirky. You can experiment with the positioning of your furniture, and place it according to the layout of your house.  Pick artsy objects or go for well-done artwork to highlight your interiors well. However, always remember to pick objects that can complement your home and leave adequate space surrounding the furniture in order to define your home décor well without making it appear cramped or uneven. You can also check out our blog on DIY tips to upgrade the look and feel of your home for some decor inspiration!

Subtle Yet Stylish

There’s nothing better than picking the right colours for your home, and seeing your style reflected through your interiors. Opt for subtle, light colours that are pleasant and easy on the eyes. Avoid dark colours that can clash with your furniture as they can make your space look cramped and full. Rather, even if the space in your drawing room is not too large, choosing light hues of yellow, peach or grey can create the illusion of space.

Picking the right colour that suits your furniture is definitely important. While this is something to look out for, experimenting with what you have is perfectly alright! You can play with different tones of the same colour in other rooms to create a sense of uniformity while still going quirky. Your chairs or desks could have colours that complement or contrast with the wall colours, but finding the right match is exactly what matters. You can also look at incorporating these tips as part of your kitchen design ideas.

Light it Up

White walls can add to a feeling of more space and light in your home. But letting in natural sunlight and adding greenery to your home can add a feeling of warmth and comfort. This especially adds to your home décor and design. Pick curtains that let in light and, soon enough, your room will look a lot more inviting! You can pick off-white curtains and play with the colour of the robes, or even pop in some bright colours with your cushion covers to make your living room look classy without ever looking boring. However, if you want to bring in more light to your living room, remember to pick light colours for your curtains, and have enough ventilation for your room. Even while picking artificial lighting, remember to keep it simple and let it give out a natural glow to the room.

With these tips to follow, we hope you’ll find it a lot easier to transform your home into something beautiful, comfortable and minimalist. Minimalist home décor may seem like just another low-cost house design, but trust us when we say that less truly is more! Check out Casagrand to know more about the perfect home décor, and superior homes suited just to your taste!