A living room is the first room that you enter when you come home and the home décor ideas implemented here portray the grace and sophistication of your entire home. It is the reflection of your passion and creativity to improve the aesthetics of your living space. If you’re planning to start from scratch or remodel your existing living room, here are some innovative living room decor ideas that can help you bring out the best combination of designs to escalate your living space. 

Choose the right paint colours

Colours complement your emotions and uplift your spirit. Opt for the right choice of colours in your living room to uplift your spirits when you enter your home. For example, you can opt for vibrant shades of orange and yellow to bring in a pop of enthusiasm and energy. On the other hand, use cool colours like green and blue to add an element of freshness and rejuvenate your senses. Brown furniture works well with green to imitate natural beauty. You can also experiment with shades of red and purple for a touch of royalty. These colours can either be used as wall paint or as part of a wallpaper print. 

Pick the right furniture

Furniture is generally the eye-catching object in your living space. It is vital to choose the right colour furniture to complement the surrounding colours. Not just the colours, but the design and utility of the furniture also make a mark in the living room. You could choose a neutral-coloured sofa when you have a bright background. You can also opt for a sofa with a floral design to match your wall colours and alleviate the ambience. For example, a wooden sofa with subtle mustard or pastel green cushions would be the best pick for a green background. If you have a red wall, then choosing leather sofas in black or grey will enhance the look of the room. Next, you can opt for a coffee table made of wood or a coloured stand with a glass top. If you have a nice balcony or French windows, then a rocking chair near the open place will be the best place for a cup of coffee and a book. You can also install an ancient wooden swing to bring in an old-world charm.

Decorate your walls

Home decor ideas are incomplete without wall decorations that involve pictures, wallpapers and quotes. A decorative wall is the best way to add a personal touch. Inspiring quotes and beautiful pictures elevate your living room. Family photos remind you of happy memories and play a crucial role in reliving past moments. Apart from frames, your wall can also house indoor hanging plants that provide a fresh look.  Opt for pots that have quirky designs to complement your interiors. You can also hang up mirrors as one of the best home décor ideas. Be it a small or big living room, mirrors with a stunningly designed rim is any day a fantastic option to enhance the look of your living room and make your living space look bigger. Remember not to add too many framed pictures on the wall to avoid a gallery look. Let the walls be inspiring and artistic.

Install impressive lighting

Lights are essential when it comes to sprucing your space with the top home décor ideas. Choose from bright LED lights that are functional in nature and warm decorative lights that help in improving the aesthetics. You can also use lights to add unique accents to your home by installing cove lights along the perimeter of your ceiling. For decorative purposes, you can opt for chandelier lights which are an excellent statement piece.

DIY ideas

DIY ideas are a great way to add a personal touch to your home at a very low cost. There are a number of easy DIY projects that can help you channel your creativity and beautify your home. You can, for example, upgrade old furniture by sanding it down and giving it a coat of spray paint in any colour of your choice. If your cushions look like they need a splash of colour, you can make your own no-sew cushion covers with some fabric glue. You can also choose to make a personalized calendar to hang on the walls with pictures of your favourite family memories. 

With these innovative decor ideas, you can transform your living room into the most stylish area of your home. If you are on the lookout for a new home that will be the perfect canvas to bring your decor ideas to life, head to Casagrand