Pre-launch of a realty project is the launch before the project is officially offered in the market. The pre-launch is generally offered to the preferred or inner circle of investors and potential buyers. Are you accustomed to getting messages and mails from real estate builders to buy properties in pre-launch events? With super-attractive offers at stake, you might wonder if purchasing in pre-launch property sale is a good idea. Here’s 4 reasons why you should buy property in pre-launch events:


  1. Discounted Price Benefit

A project pre-launch is accompanied by lower than market prices offered with builders providing discounts even upto 20-25%. Buying an apartment or a villa in pre-launch from a reputed builder who has a strong track record of completion of products, ensures that your investment is safe-guarded & risk-free.


  1. More Options to select their preferred unit

Apart from the price benefits, the option to select your preferred unit is an added advantage. You can make a choice based on factors like the preferred orientation or proximity to certain project amenities. After the pre-launch, all remaining units are opened to the market during the launch. Hence, your choices become constrained.


  1. More Time to Pay

By purchasing in pre-launch, you are investing in a property that is still a couple of years away from handover. There is a differential amount to be paid in different phases till the project handover. The initial down-payment to book an apartment or villa in pre-launch is only nominal. This can provide you ample time to organize your finances.


  1. Return On Investment

There is a huge potential for appreciation of property prices if the purchased property lies in an area that is currently underdeveloped with a potential for rapid development. For investors looking for investments with large return on investments, areas like Oragadam, Sriperumbudur, etc. can provide you multi-fold returns.


A thorough research on the builders and developers behind the project can help you make a wise choice that mitigates all risks. Established and respected players in the real estate industry generally take these risks into account and ensure the project goes through without hiccups. Pre-launch purchase of properties is the way to go for investors who intend to make multifold gains from real estate investments.