Our daily lives are majorly governed by technology and whether you like it or not, there is no way
you can survive without adopting the latest advancements. The adoption of newer technology has
made our lives way smoother, more convenient and let’s just say, simpler. When it comes to
construction and new methods of innovation, Casagrand has never shied away from adopting the
best in business and progressing with the changing times. Whether it is building a luxe apartment or
a well-equipped and exquisite villa, Casagrand is one of the strongest leaders in the construction
business. Therefore, after researching about the latest Mivan technology, the brand adopted it for
its projects.

What is Mivan Construction Technology?
Mivan technology uses an aluminum framework which is filled with materials like cement and concrete. Mivan technology is adopted in Casagrand Crescendo, a property that reflects novel and advanced construction techniques. The process of Mivan shuttering technology enables a project to be completed much quicker than normal, traditional ways of construction. The speed of construction is given great importance in today’s world where people have fast-moving lives. This smart mivan construction technology method adopted by Casagrand Crescendo has been used by several builders and is rated as one of the most economical as well as timely technology.

Promoted for its ability to aid mass construction activity, the Mivan technology is not extensively used in India. Only a few premium builders have adopted this technique to provide affordable and advanced homes. However, its use is being promoted by the Indian Government too by making it a part of an ambitious housing scheme of 2022.  

Benefits of using the Mivan framework:
When on the search of apartments for sale in Chennai, ensure you take a keen interest in the technology used by the builders. The Mivan framework offers some brilliant advantages to the building such as:

  • High seismic resistance, ensuring maximum safety during earthquakes.
  • The construction is completed at a rapid speed.
  • Since the number of joints are lesser, the chance of leakage is much lower.
  • This highly efficient process offers minimum wastage during construction.
  • The finishing offered by the technology is much better than traditional techniques.

How to implement Mivan Technology?
Without getting too technical, let’s understand the three main construction techniques to implement this mivan technology:

  • Setting up the wall reinforcing steel
  • Placement of aluminum formwork
  • Pouring concrete

The resulting structure is smooth and well-finished. It has high tolerance and requires no further plastering. This helps save time and money.

The use of Mivan Technology in India:
So far, Mivan technology has not been used extensively in India. The concept is popular in Gulf countries, Europe and some parts of Asia. However, it is now being promoted extensively in India even by the Government. Once a majority of the builders begin to use this mivan shuttering technology, it will prove to be a real boon for the industry and will definitely change the real estate market for good.

Why Casagrand Crescendo?
A world-class gated community, Casagrand Crescendo offers some of the most stunning apartments in Mogappair. If you are on the lookout of flats for sale in Chennai, this property should definitely be on top of your list. Boasting of luxurious amenities, this modern complex has a large swimming pool, playground as well as a health club within its premises

There are plenty of options when you are looking at flats for sale in Mogappair, but what differentiates this property is the cutting-edge technology used and the various facilities offered. Casagrand Crescendo is the embodiment of what the future of construction looks like. The Mivan technology adopted in the property is efficient, fast-paced and planet-friendly.