Casagrand has always strived at being as innovative as possible in construction ever since its inception. We have always made sure that every single project we imagine and bring to life, pushes the boundaries of what a home can be. Whether it is a luxe apartment complex, or a cozy and beautiful villa community, we at Casagrand are proud of our legacy of innovation.

As time goes by, more and more advancements become the norm. Technology and know-how both progress, and the world of construction becomes more and more advanced. It is safe to say that construction is no more what it was a few decades ago.

What was a traditional system wherein one used beams, columns and bricks to build structures, has now made way for more advanced technologies, like Mivan technology.
Traditional construction techniques have a lot of intrinsic disadvantages. In traditional brick-based construction, one requires a lot more man power, and the process takes much longer as well. This is a waste of labour as well.
On the other hand, newer technologies are offering up alternatives to this, namely, Mivan technology.

What is Mivan technology?
Mivan technology basically uses an aluminium framework, which is then filled with other materials such as cement and concrete. This makes the process of project completion much quicker than it would have been, in a project that has otherwise been traditionally constructed.

Casagrand has adapted to the new ways of construction, and has adopted Mivan technology to craft Casagrand Crescendo, stunning high rise apartments in Mogappair. If you have been looking for flats for sale in Chennai that employ Mivan construction, you must give Casagrand Crescendo a look. This amazing project offers all the luxurious amenities a modern housing complex must have, such as a large swimming pool, a well-equipped gym and a lot of amenities to play a ton of different sports. While the building itself is an amazing place to stay in, there are a lot of inherent advantages of the mode of construction that was used to build it.

This apartment complex in Mogappair employed the Mivan technology, which has the following superior qualities:

  • The Mivan formwork offers really high seismic resistance, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Floors are completed much faster
  • Since the number of joints is lesser, the chances of leakages are much lower
  • The finishing of the walls and slabs is extremely smooth
  • The project itself gets ready much faster
  • Mivan technology offers the possibility of larger floor areas
  • This technology ensures minimum wastage during the construction process itself.

When staying in a modern and cutting-edge city like Chennai, one must accustom themselves to the fact that better and newer things are a reality of life. As times evolve, so must we. Casagrand Crescendo is a project that is reflective of a really bright future, wherein construction is quick, more efficient, and more planet-friendly as well!
So if you have been looking for homes for sale in Mogappair, we strongly recommend the amazing Casagrand Crescendo!