If you are planning to buy a new home, the first thing that ponders in your mind would be: villa or a flat in an apartment complex. By all odds, buying a home either for living or as an investment is one of the largest expenses that you will be making. For this sole reason, you must be doubly sure before deciding what type of property is your type. Here are a few points that will help you choose between villas and apartments.

1. Which is costlier?

While villas are indeed costlier than apartments due to their large space and freedom in interior and exterior designs, these days, high-end luxury apartments are almost as expensive as villas. Within a given budget, one can conveniently choose either of these options based on the other preferences. However, when it comes to appreciation rate, villas appreciate faster because of more personal land, in comparison to apartments. Due to this reason, villas are a better investment.

2. Which gives more freedom in design?

In terms of design, villas give you a maximum freedom on exterior as well as interior design. In case of apartments, you cannot alter the exterior design at all. As of interior design, both villas and apartments give you a freedom of choice, but comparatively villas have lesser restrictions. With villas one can decide the color, design, and even the fixtures in both interiors and exteriors of their home. Villas can also be changed to reveal the varying tastes and styles of the owners as well as that of the housing market. Also, expansion and reconstruction is possible in villas but not in apartments.

3. Which is location friendly?

Most of the villas are located on the outskirts or in the suburbs of the cities, and apartments can be located both in suburbs as well as inside the cities. If your workplace and your kids’ school are inside the city, then buying an apartment nearby is a wise choice. On the contrary, if you work in one of the IT parks or Tech parks in the suburbs, then buying a villa in places like Thoraipakkam is the perfect decision.

4. Which has more amenities?

In comparison, apartments have more amenities like swimming pool, club house, party hall, gymnasium, sports grounds, emergency center, concierge service, and children’s parks. Although one can customize villas to include one or more of these amenities, it would reflect heavily on the prices.

5. Which is more secure?

While independent villas offer a lot more freedom, apartments improve community living and are more secure than villas. Security is the biggest concern for villas and will come at a significant cost. On the other hand, apartments are highly secured and you can be assured of your house and goods’ safety even in your absence.

6. Which has convenient facilities?

Facilities like power backup, water supply, uninterrupted supply of cooking gas, etc are the biggest positive aspect of apartments. Also service personnel like plumbers, electricians, etc. are available on demand in apartments while this might be a little difficult to find in villas.

7. Which has more privacy?

Of course, villas have improved privacy in comparison with apartments. With 10-50+ families in the same complex, privacy is quite difficult in apartments. Also, in most cases, terrace, garden, pool, and other facilities in apartments are meant to be shared. Furthermore, villas offer more personal open areas than apartments. Therefore, if you are a person who enjoys living in a large, independent space, where no one intrudes your privacy, then villas should be your choice.

While villas and apartments have their own share of pros and cons, it’s one’s own choices that will make them skew towards one of them. The villas vs. apartments debate is unending, but there are ways to work around it by opting for row houses, villas in gated communities, or semi-independent villas as they merge the advantages of both apartments and villas together and provide an enhanced living experience.