Everyone desires to live in a home that is calming, comfortable, and radiates positive energy. But with so much stress, anxiety, and competition in our daily lives, our house tends to become a centre of negative energy. Since our home is the place we spend most of our time, it is important to create an energy which helps us to relax and rejuvenate.  

And the best way to welcome positive energy in home is by constructing it or making changes in accordance with Vastu principles. Vastu Shastra, also known as the science of architecture, has been used to drive away the symptoms of negative energy at home, and create a positive aura.  

So if you are wondering how to create positive energy at home, we at Casagrand, bring to you expert-recommended Vastu tips that you should keep in mind while constructing or purchasing your dream house for sale in Chennai!  

How to Remove Negative Energy from Home: 5 Expert-Recommended Vastu Tips

If you wish to experience a life filled with positive energy, and enthusiasm, it is important to set up your home in accordance with Vastu principles. Vastu is the science of keeping the five elements of nature in the right positions, and propositions, to usher in prosperity, growth, and happiness in our lives.  

So if you are wondering how to bring positive energy at home, we have got you expert recommended Vastu tips, that can help sustain good vibes across your house. From the direction of the house to the placement of the decor items, and the colours of the walls these Vastu tips for positive energy in home take into consideration everything you need for a Vastu-compliant house. 

1. Decor Ideas to Attract Positive Energy in Home

Here are a bunch of Vastu tips for arranging your home decor in a way that attracts positive energy to your home –  

  • According to Vastu principles, clocks energise a direction. So make sure that all the clocks in your house are in working condition and place them all in the north or northeast direction.  
  • One of the things that bring positive energy in home is wind chimes because the sound of soothing music attracts prosperity and wealth of the home. So hang wind chimes near the main entrance.  

2. Declutter the House to Welcome Positive Energy in Home

Clutter creates stagnant energy, that impedes the flow of positive vibes. So the best way to bring positive energy in home is to declutter and clean your space. Clean your cupboards, and drawers, and keep your space organized.  

Pro-Vastu Tip – Adding a few spoons of sea salt to the water to mop the floor, will reduce the effects of negative vibrations.  

3. Keep Windows Open to Bring Positive Energy in Home

Nature is the best healer of all our problems and stress. And the best way to keep negative energies at bay is to keep the windows of your house home. Let there be cross ventilation and get some clean fresh air into your home that will bring in positive energy. 

4. Paint your House to Spread Positive Energy

Colours bring in magic and drive away the negative energy from the house. Thus, according to Vastu, it is recommended to paint your house, to increase the positive vibes across.

5. Main Door Vastu Tips for Welcoming Positive Energy in Home

According to Vastu, the main door of the house is the entry point of energy. So having the main door which is opening clockwise, and opens fully, can bring in positive energy, and opportunities. Moreover, ensure that the lobby near the main door is well-lit, as it promotes balance and harmony. The most important Vastu tip for the main door is to not place shoe racks near the entrance, as it hampers prosperity, and positivity from entering your house.

Key Takeaways

We have listed all the essential Vastu tips to welcome positive energy in home! So, if you are looking to get a Vastu consultation after moving into your new home, we have got you covered! With a strong foothold in the real estate market for the last 18 years, we at Casagrand offer the best apartments in Bangalore , along with house for sale in Chennai, house for sale in Coimbatore , and other regions of South India, that come with an expert Vastu consultation. With a team of expert Vastu readers at Casagrand, you can be assured that you are building the house of your dreams that is filled with positivity, and happiness.