Vastu Shastra is a philosophy that focuses on the flow of cosmic energy, or prana, through a
space. Vastu Shastra is a set of principles and concepts that, when applied to the design or
architecture of a space, are meant to enhance the energy flow and, as a result, improve an
individual’s life. Following Vastu rules helps one to live in harmony with the five elements of
nature – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.

People’s houses usually reflect their personal tastes. Depending on the type of residence,
people may design their own homes or arrange and set them up as per their preferences and
requirements. Homes can be spacious and open, with verandas and entrance halls or they can
be small and neat with limited rooms and a cozy décor.

The bedroom of a house is a personal space for repose and relaxation, where people rejuvenate
and detox. We’ve put together a list of Vastu suggestions for the bedroom that will help you
turn this personal space into a harmonious chamber of well-being that is aligned with the

Vastu Shastra for bedroom says that the master chamber should be in the Southwest corner of
the home since it is associated with good health, longevity, and prosperity. A Northwest
orientation could be beneficial for the guest bedroom or the children’s bedroom. Bedrooms in
the Southeast and Northeast corners should be avoided at all costs since they might lead to
health issues and domestic strife.

Because the bedroom is the ‘Brahmasthan’, or energy source, never put your bedroom in the
centre of the house. The centre vibrates constantly, which is incompatible with the bedroom’s
fundamental function of relaxation. In addition, on the bed, the wife should sleep on her
husband’s left side to nurture a harmonious relationship, according to Vastu suggestions for a
couple’s bedroom.

The bed direction as per Vastu should be at the Southwest side of the room. When sleeping,
make sure your head is towards the South or East direction as this is from where positive
energy can enter your body. Sleeping with your head towards the North is to be strictly

The bed should preferably be made of timber and be rectangular or square in shape. Do not
place the bed beneath a beam as this tends to create pressure and divide the energy flow. If
placement under a beam cannot be helped, opting for a faux ceiling can be a great solution.

Make sure the bed isn’t too close to the walls and that it can be accessed from both sides.
Avoid placing your bed in the corner of the room, since this will obstruct the free flow of
positive energy.

Mirrors in the bedroom should never face the bed. As per Vastu tips for the bedroom, placing a
mirror that faces your sleeping form is considered unlucky. Mirrors work well on the North or
East walls of a bedroom. If you have a mirror at your bedside, position the table next to it.

Mirrors are made to reflect energy back out, and can cause anxiety and restlessness if they
reflect this energy onto the bed and your sleeping form. If such a placement cannot be helped,
just drape a cloth or get a curtain made for the mirror.

In addition to illuminating our reality, colors have an impact on our emotions, health, and
pleasure. The ideal colors for the bedroom are pale rose, grey, blue, chocolate, green and other
bright and cheerful tones. Curtail the use of gloomy colors to basic essentials.

Married couples looking for neutral colors for their bedroom should furnish it in hues like pink,
soothing blue or peaceful yellow, according to Vastu. Adding just a smidgeon of crimson would
be a good idea as it represents passion, but don’t go overboard because it also represents fire
and might cause temperament-related issues.

In the children’s room, green or yellow might be utilized for happiness and aiding studies. Avoid
employing too many colors in overall because they can generate uncertainty and disturbance.

The importance of the floor tiles in the house cannot be emphasized enough. Pale yellow or
white marble tiles are ideal for Vastu balance. If you don’t want to use marble for your tiles, you
can go for porcelain or natural timber planks. While natural stone flooring works in the spring, it
can be difficult to maintain in the rain.

Tiles should always be set with care and diligence. Do not use tiles that have been damaged.
Broken tiles in a bedroom, kitchen, or any other portion of your home should be repaired as
soon as feasible, according to Vastu Shastra.

Building a home that is Vastu Shastra compliant brings comfort and happiness to your life.
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