Roman architecture has always symbolized grandeur and power. A home that is built using Roman architecture has a majestic and luxurious look to it, which is hard to beat. If you have been looking for flats for sale in Chennai, we suggest going through the awesome homes with Roman architecture that Casagrand has to offer. The prime feature of Roman architecture is that the Romans believed in combining external beauty, with architectural know-how. Roman architecture thus shows that you can easily marry looks with utility, and this amazing project in Sholinganallur is the perfect example of this. Roman architecture’s 3 main components have always been imposing arches, beautiful vaults and vertical columns. Casagrand FirstCity uses all of these forms in abundance.

Other apartments for sale in Chennai do not offer the elegance and class that Casagrand’s Sholinganallur projects offers. Casagrand FirstCity borrows visuals and aesthetics from Roman architecture. How so? Read on.

  • Arched Entryways
    Casagrand FirstCity has a stunning entrance gate that will definitely remind you of Roman architecture, think the Parthenon, Colosseum, Pantheon and other timeless architectural marvels. The imposing arches form a grand entrance that looks beautiful as you drive or walk into Casagrand FirstCity. These Roman-inspired arches form the perfect first impression when you or your guests enter. These arches are seen in Roman marvels world over, and are the first thing you will notice when you arrive.
  • Vertical Columned Walkways
    The walkways at Casagrand FirstCity have vertical columns that are reminiscent of Roman Architecture. If you are looking for flats for sale in Sholinganallur, we suggest taking a walk through or going through the brochure for this awesome project. The building’s shared spaces are luxurious, and they have a really regal feel to them. Referred to as “Classical columns”, these pillared areas look grand, and are very typical of Greco-Roman Architecture. These shared spaces are a pleasure to spend time in, and you will truly appreciate your evening walks here.
  • Arched Details Of The Club House
    The design of Casagrand Club House instantly makes you think back to Roman architecture. Roman architecture uses arches heavily indoors and outdoors, and this is seen in the outer facade of the luxurious clubhouse building.
    With the main side of the clubhouse sporting six grand arches, your trip to the pool is bound to be a truly serene experience, even visually. The pool lies right in front of the stunning arched building.
  • Roman-Style Residential Buildings
    A single look at the project will show you just how inspired by Roman architecture these homes are. Casagrand FirstCity’s buildings have the typical “temple front”-style tops. The upper parts of these buildings have that stunning, Classical design that sets them apart from any other projects in Chennai. These apartments in Sholinganallur are truly classy spaces to live in. You would be hard-pressed to find buildings that have such glorious facades, even in the most amazing part of Chennai.
  • Water Fountain
    Roman architecture is incomplete without a water body or water installation that truly brings the space to life. We know of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and this amazing project makes sure there is a stunning counterpart even in Chennai. Casagrand FirstCity has a beautiful fountain which is flanked by all the other Roman-inspired elements in its design. The Grand Plaza at FirstCity is a huge 11500 square feet space that has an imposing water fountain, which adds even more decadence to this space.

Go ahead and make your dream home, by investing in these apartments for sale in Sholinganallur. Sholinganallur is an accessible, beautiful and livable part of Chennai that is now graced by one of Casagrand biggest projects yet – Casagrand FirstCity.