The joy of seasons changing in our country is palpable. As winters turn to summers, and summers turn to monsoons, we all enjoy the change on some level. Whether it is the festivals of each season that are fun to celebrate, or whether you like the mood of a specific type of weather, the change of seasons always has a major impact on our lives.

Some like to eat seasonal food, and others like to plan trips and long drives. Enjoying each season is embedded in our cultural identity. But what if you are someone who enjoys bright sunshine and not the rains?

It is common for people to not enjoy the rains. While Indian monsoons are dramatic, romantic and super exciting for those who love dancing in them, sometimes they can just be a tad inconvenient. Chances are you prefer pure sunlight streaming into your home for most of the day. It is also possible that you like warmer weather, and the gloom outside may bother you a little.

Well, it happens. Fortunately for you, we have summed up a few tips to brighten up your monsoons, no matter which city or town you live in, whether it’s Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kodaikanal or anywhere else!

To enliven your spirits during the gloomy months, you can alter your home’s decor to offset the moody weather outside. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get throw pillows in bright colours
    When it is dark outside, having bright colours at home can help uplift your spirits. Throw pillows are something that you can swap out and change covers for whenever you want. In fact, stocking up on pillow covers in multiple colours is an awesome way to make sure your home looks up-to-date no matter what season is currently going on. Get pillow covers in shades such as fuchsia, mustard and sea green. Prefer neutrals? Go for muted and pastel tones of the same colours.
  • Get a light-coloured rug
    A rug adds an infinite amount of warmth and coziness to any room. Adding a light coloured rug will anchor all your existing furniture, and it will also make sure that the soft texture is a wonderful warm surface to keep your feet on during cold and gloomy weather. A warm white or tan coloured rug will add some much-needed lightness and brightness to your home, and help you feel a little more cozy while you are indoors.
  • Add more plants
    While you may presume that plants require high levels of sunlight to sustain themselves, you can easily find plants that can actually thrive in low light and monsoon-like conditions. Adding plants to your home is a sure-fire way to bring in some natural elements. Moreover, plants like citronella and holy basil keep monsoon pests away!
  • Bring in some occasional lighting
    If it is dark and sombre outside, make sure your indoors are very well lit, to keep your spirits up. Often, we do not bring in enough lights into our homes, and we realise this only during the darker months. Make sure every part of your home is well lit, from floor to ceiling. Add floor lamps, wall sconces and pendants, which will help you enjoy their warm glow. If you cannot invest in lighting, opt for candles, fairy lights and diyas.

Don’t fret if the monsoon isn’t your season of choice, as there are lots of ways to enjoy this season that do not involve getting wet in the rain. Fry up some snacks, make some spicy ginger tea, and you are set! And do know that when you are looking for villas in Bangalore, flats in Coimbatore or a house for sale in Chennai, you can enjoy every season in them, just as long as you remember to decorate well!