If you have been advocated or mandated to live in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, you know you will be spending a lot of time at home. Whether you’re working from home, spending time with your family, homeschooling your kids, or simply looking for ways to arrange your living space in order to stay in, it is a good time to start decluttering and organize.

If you look around, you may find yourself wanting to reorganize every nook of your house. Right from your kitchen pantry to a crowding work desk, the commitment is real. A good place to start organizing is your Wardrobe. There is a lot of room for transformation here, and it is a constant reminder of how much progress you have made in being productive during your quarantine time.

The thought of rearranging and organizing your wardrobe may seem overwhelming at first, but rest assured, it is undemanding and super fun if you do it right. To help you make the most of your quarantine time indoors, we have put together some easy hacks that can act as a guide for you when you start reorganizing your wardrobe.

  • Start with an open mind. Decluttering is never easy if you wish to continue hoarding.
  • Designate a small space in your room for items you wish to toss out. Clear your head, and start throwing out things/clothes you have not used in months/years.
  • Use clothing dividers like easy-to hang tags to divide your wardrobe efficiently. You can also use shelf dividers for this purpose, and easily sort through your items.
  • Use all your vertical space, such as the back of a closet or the wall behind each shelf, to hang your accessories and footwear.
  • Placement is key. Try to store your most frequently used items at eye level, less used items in the bottom half of the closet, and the least used items up high.
  • Try to use a combination of storage units to fit your different needs. Drawers can be used for folded items, hangers for suits, dresses and garment bags, hooks for accessories, and boxes or storage bins for other odd items.
  • Group and categorize in a way that promotes ease of use. Whether you choose to colour-code each category, group seasonal wear or combine individual pieces (such as pants, dresses, shirts, etc), it is completely up to you.
  • Remember, edit your wardrobe and repurpose items to maximize the potential of your closet. You will never feel like hoarding again once you learn the trick of being creative with what you already own.

Once your closet is organized, everything seems easier to find. It is also a great push to start organizing other parts of the house to maximize space, now that you’re staying in. If you think you still do not have enough space, and you’re looking for bigger living spaces, then check out these flats in Chennai by Casagrand that offer roomy homes with generous living areas to accommodate all your storage needs. You’ll never have to complain about space again. Organization, however, is all up to you!