Every year when January rolls around, we all vow to do something productive. From losing weight to achieving some target at work, from saving money to eating healthy food, we make a lot of personal and professional resolutions. This year, why not consider setting up some goals for your home as well?

In the spirit of fresh beginnings, we have compiled a list of New Year’s resolutions for your home.

1. Organise your home

In the past one year, you might have bought a lot of new stuff – from dresses to shoes & from kitchen utilities to tech accessories. In fact, most of our wardrobes and cabinets might be jam-packed with a plenty of things. This New Year, make a resolution to organise your home and adhere to a monthly organisation regime.

Begin from your bedroom and start streamlining stuff in each room. When it comes to clothes or any wearable, segregate them into three categories – keep, toss, and donate. This way, you will get rid of unwanted stuff easily. When it comes to the kitchen, you must throw away edibles that are nearing or past expiry date. Organise kitchen and label items around for easy access. Once you take a weekend to sort these out, the monthly organisation regime would be easy and quick.

2. Shop for your home

Be it for you or your home, shopping is always exciting. While you don’t have to shop for your home as often as you shop for yourself, make it a point to restock home essentials as and when they are exhausted.

Sit down with your family and make a list of things that your home needs. This can be something as small as incense sticks to something as huge as a recliner. Revise the list and categorise the things as immediate purchases, needed in 1-3 months, and required after three months. Now, buy the ones listed under immediate purchase category. You can repeat this procedure once in three months.

3. Fix electrical and plumbing issues

Are you still procrastinating when it comes to fixing household issues, like broken appliances, malfunctioning lamps, or plumbing repairs? From this New Year, make it a point to spend a day every month or once in two months to fix these issues.

No matter if it is a leaky tap or a broken switchboard, get an expert and fix it immediately. For all you home care services, like electrical, plumbing, carpentry, pest control, air conditioning service, etc., you can use facility management services from Casagrand PropCare.

4. Periodical cleaning of your home

Most of us have an active professional and social life that we hardly get time to concentrate about our houses. Let 2017 be the year where you make it a point to clean your home weekly. Once you have done a master cleaning and organisation procedure, periodical cleaning of your home can be done easily. Dust your ceilings and tables, sweep and mop your floors, and vacuum your other furniture.

Apart from this, also make sure that your dishes are done each night, and your clothes are washed daily or at least every alternative day. This will not only keep your house beautiful, but it will also help in avoiding any infection that you or your family might get due to uncleanliness.

5. Make your home environment-friendly

With global warming and changing climatic conditions, it is essential to make one’s home environment-friendly. From using furniture that’s made of recycled goods to harvesting rainwater, there are a lot of things that you can do to keep your home environment-friendly.

We hope these New Year Resolutions were interesting and inspiring. What are the resolutions that you took for your home this year? Let us know in the comments section below. wish you all a very happy new year.