In Hindu culture, food is regarded as sacred, and the location where it is prepared must be treated with extreme care and reverence. When designing a kitchen, you must first ensure that its direction and shape follow the principles of Vastu-Shastra. But once that is done, you must also take as much care to use colors and décor that are Vastu-recommended.

The kitchen, according to Vastu Shastra, is a good energy dynamo. So, if you use kitchencolour as per Vastu, the energy is dispersed throughout your home via nourishing meals prepared here, helping support the family’s health. Read on to know more about the colors most suited to a kitchen, and to learn more about their effect and significance.

  • What exactly is Vastu Shastra?
    Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian scientific discipline of creating a congenial space to live in or
    work so that the five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky are aligned and in complete
    harmony. With the right application of architecture and interior design, you can attain this
    harmony for your own home.
    The kitchen is the heart of a home and the use of the right colors, accents and décor in any of
    the recommended kitchen colours according to Vastu can turn it into a harmonious and
    abundant space, dispersing its good vibrations to all corners of the house. For all home owners,
    especially new ones getting houses or villas in Bengaluru, making sure that your kitchen is
    Vastu-compliant will bring about more positivity and a sense of well-being.
  •  Select the Correct Color
    There are several benefits to choosing the correct Vastu colors for the kitchen. Explore all the
    options and simply select the Vastu-recommended colour that works well in your kitchen,
    according to the kitchen’s alignment and the change you seek to bring about.

    1. Saffron Orange – Orange is thought to promote optimism, good relationships, and power, making it a popular choice when it comes to the kitchen. This corresponds best if the kitchen’s orientation is to the Southeast. A saffron orange hue reflects power and courage, while a subtle brick orange will channelize energy and excitement. Saffron
    orange is a terrific choice for individuals who value positivity and wish to build good relationships. Saffron, which is most suited for kitchens facing East, encourages individuals to be bolder and allows them to work at their full capability.

    2. White – White is a colour associated with purity, innocence and optimism. It is also linked to cleanliness and light, both of which are important aspects of a well-functioning kitchen. White is a great colour for walls and floors because it radiates positive energy. If
    your kitchen faces Northwest, selecting white will help enhance positive energies.According to Vastu Shastra, using the color white for your kitchen walls will bring tranquillity to the entire family. It will also aid in the development of more stable and honest connections. For a kitchen that faces Northwest, it is most beneficial to use the
    color white for the walls.

    3. Green – The color green brings optimism and harmony to your kitchen, according to Vastu. Green is also a color strongly associated with nature, which is ideal if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen. Green can also be incorporated for the
    décor and furnishings in your kitchen. The color is also known to stimulate efficient

    4. Pink – Pink represents love, which is an abundant emotion in the kitchens of happy families. Paint your kitchen pink or use it for important décor items if you want to deepen the relationships in your family. People will become closer and more affectionate as a result of this, and want to dine together and exchange tales during

    5. Yellow – Yellow, according to Vastu, exudes vitality, freshness and happiness, all of which are important aspects in creating a happy environment. It stimulates the warm feeling of the sun’s rays without actually reflecting them. Thus, it gives a nice bright but mellow ambiance and is particularly ideal for a kitchen that does not get much direct sunshine. Choosing yellow for your kitchen, whether it be in a villa in Coimbatore or a flat anywhere else, can channel positive energy and happiness.

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