How affordable is the cost of living in Bangalore?
Bangalore is one of the most beautiful metropolitan cities in India. Widely recognized as the
“Silicon Valley of India”, this city in southern India grabs attention because of its pleasant
climate, scenic beauty, incredible history, cultural heritage, and innovative technology trends.

Be students, IT professionals, couples, or hardworking jobseekers, the city has a variety of
opportunities to offer one and all. From brilliant education to rewarding jobs in different
domains, from public parks to affordable stays, Bangalore is known for its uniqueness, diversity
and youthful vibe.

If you are planning to move to Bangalore and looking for accommodation choices, read on for a
rundown of all expenses you should consider that could help you plan your move.

While relocating to another city or town, the major financial considerations are:
1. Accommodation:

  • Average house rentals in Bangalore
  • Cost of buying a house in Bangalore
  •  House/Flats for sale in Bangalore
  •  Villas in Bangalore
    2. Food and Groceries
    3. Cost of Transport
    4. Utilities
    5. Entertainment


    1) Cost of housing in Bangalore:
    The first decision you make will be whether you want to rent a place or buy a house, something determined by your preference, budget and the length of your stay. Accommodation cost depends on factors like lifestyle, size, locality, and accessible amenities.

    Students or bachelors who are looking to rent will go for shared accommodation or
    smaller flats, so the monthly rent outflow can be INR 8,000-15,000. For couples or families who are looking for sufficient floor space, rent will range from INR 15,000 to INR 30,000 per month. The rent varies depending on the size of the house and where it is located.

    Rentals in Bangalore depending on size:

Type/Size of accommodation Rent per month
1 BHK INR 8,000-12,000
2 BHK INR 13,000-25,000
3 BHK INR 22,000-60,000

Rentals in Bangalore depending on location:

Location Average rent per month
Hennur Approx. INR 10,000
Nagwara Approx. INR 8,000
Hebbal Approx. INR 8,000
Indira Nagar Approx. INR 15,000
Koramangala Approx. INR 14,000
Jayanagar Approx. INR 15,000
HSR Approx. INR 12,000

Buying a house in Bangalore:
Be it non-local working professionals or investors, Bangalore offers attractive housing deals for all. Although the cost depends foremost on the location, property rates in the city are quite reasonable. The average price per sq ft in Hennur is INR 6,000 whereas in areas like Indira Nagar it is INR 10,000. Check out Casagrand which offers reasonable prices and great deals on all kinds of residences.

The average cost of buying a house in Bangalore:

Location Cost per sq ft
Hennur Approx. INR 6,000
Nagwara Approx. INR 5,000
Hebbal Approx. INR 6,000
Indira Nagar Approx. INR 10,000
Koramangala Approx. INR 13,000
Jayanagar Approx. INR 9,000
HSR Approx. INR 8,000

Housing in Bangalore – Things to consider:

Quality of infrastructure, lifestyle, civic amenities, neighborhood, and location are a few factors to be considered while looking for your dream home. The city offers a variety of wonderful residences that can satisfy every homeowner’s requirement. Casagrand strives to make true the saying “There is no place like HOME” for all its homeowners. Right from luxurious apartments in Hennur to wonderful flats in Kogilu, Casagrand brings value to the term “Dream Home”.

Villas in Bangalore:
Ample parking space, walkways, a spacious living area, and an elegantly designed dining area are just few of the reasons that homeowners prefer to go for villas in Bangalore. Surrounded by greenery and a peaceful ambiance, Bangalore has a variety of villas onoffer for the ones interested. If you are looking for Villas in Bangalore you can definitely
consider Casagrand’s beautiful and stylish villas in Sarjapur.

2. Food and Groceries:
Food and groceries need to be carefully considered for any budget that involves living expenses. Take-outs and ready meals can cost around INR 3,000-7,000 per month. Bangalorehas many startups and boutique dining choices in every locality for the adventurous hearted. Whereas homecooked meals, made by yourself or the cook, will cost around INR 1,200-4,000
per month, depending on your choice of groceries and where you shop for them.

3. Cost of Transport:
Bangalore offers a wide range of transport facilities like metro, buses, cabs, etc. Booking a ride through Uber, Ola, Rapido, etc. is also another option. Bangalore Municipal Transport Corp buses and metros are an economical mode of transport. Metro tickets usually cost around Rs.10-60 for a ride. A monthly bus pass option is also available and can be used by those who
commute regularly.

4. Entertainment:
Bangalore has fun attractions and many places of interest that you can visit on weekends. The city has plenty of amusement parks, gardens, malls, multiplexes, cafes, etc. On an average, the entertainment expense will be INR 1,500-3,000 per month if you visit public spaces that charge
for entry and catch a movie at a cinema hall in a multiplex or mall. If you prefer not to travel much and are looking to stay in an area that has entertainment zones and other amenities in the neighbourhood, then you can surely consider apartments in Hennur.

5. Utilities:
Utility expenses majorly depend on your lifestyle and requirements. Bangalore has pleasant weather through the year, so air-conditioning is rarely required. In addition to that, the cost of electricity is lower as compared to cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Internet plans cost around INR
1,200 which is the same as in other cities. Electricity, Cable, DTH may cost up to INR 1,500. On an average, the monthly outflow for utilities can be INR 3,000-5,000.