Buying our dream home is an aspiration many of us have. After all, a beautiful home of one’s own is the picture perfect way to grow your family and perhaps finally retire in. Our homes reflect our tastes, our likes, our aspirations, and what gives us comfort.
For us, no place gives us more comfort and security as much as our own homes do. A sanctuary in a world where stress is so prevalent, our homes are spaces where we feel the safest and at ease.

With the advancement of technology in every sphere of life, it is natural that homes and everything in them have seen significant upgrades in the past few years. Appliances are becoming more and more “smart”, and life at home is getting easier and simpler in every aspect. Being a homeowner is no more a tedious task, where cooking, cleaning and other odd jobs take up hours and hours of our time. Appliances like vacuum cleaners, microwaves and air conditioners simplify our lives, whether we have help or not.
But there exists a realm that goes beyond just new-age appliances. Today, our phones and artificial intelligence-run speakers can be connected to nearly every single electronic device at home. From smart lights, to smart ACs to smart water heaters, technology has reached a point where a lot of basic functions that technology has can be easily automated.

Automation is the future, so we urge everyone to embrace this positive change!

When looking for a home in a metro, or an apartment in an up and coming place like Kogilu, Whitefields or Chikkagubbi, you need to opt for a home that’s up to date technologically too.  

There are several strong points to be made for moving into, or buying a Smart home. They are:

  • Your appliances will function better
    A smart device is equipped to alter itself in tandem with your functions for it. For example, if you have children or pets alone at home, you can switch on and switch off lights from your phone, no matter where you are. If you have a smart TV, it will suggest movies and shows for you to enjoy that are derived from what you have watched previously. Smart ovens come with features that make cooking a multitude of dishes much easier. A smart home makes sure that you get the best possible use out of all your devices.
  • Your electricity bills will definitely come down
    Smart appliances that are built in recent times are not only way more energy-efficient when compared to their older counterparts, but are also help you use energy more efficiently. How so?
    How many times do we forget to switch TVs off, long after we have finished bingeing movies or a TV show? How often do we forget to switch off fans and lights? A smart appliance enables you to conveniently switch off appliances from your phone, and can even alert you if an appliance is not in use.
  • It is easier to manage multiple appliances on one device
    Rather than relying on ten different remotes and controls for all your devices, it is just way easier to control all of your home’s technology using your phone. A problem we have all faced is that in older appliances, remotes often stop working. Whether it is a battery cell issue or an infrared beam issue, it is still quite annoying for the user. It is just a whole lot better to avoid the hassle of remotes, and use your cell phone for everything.
  • Future proof your home
    Looking for a flat for sale in Bangalore? We suggest buying a home that is future proof. Lots of ongoing projects in Bangalore have homes that are built to last for decades hence, without looking and feeling outdated. Buying a smart home in the big city is the right way to go, as you do not want your home to feel dated and inefficient in the short or long term. After all, technological advancements are bound to happen as time goes on, and it is preferable that your home keeps up with them easily!

So, if you are looking for a house for sale in Bangalore, lots of projects in Kogilu offer apartments that are equipped with all the new-age technology you need. Whether you are young or old, we think you can definitely benefit from home automation.