Diwali is right around the corner and the festive mood is on! With all the shopping, dazzling new clothes, mouth-watering sweets and loads of crackers, Diwali is one of the most festive times of the year. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India and is all about spreading joy and happiness. Houses are colourful and bustling with relatives and friends, creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. Shouldn’t your house reflect the festive flavour? Check out what is in store for this Diwali to make your home elegant and splendid. Here are some extraordinary Diwali decoration ideas to design a showstopping space for this festival!

Love for lights

Beautiful lights and Diwali are synonymous. Diwali is incomplete without fantastic lighting in your house. Go creative this Diwali and try out attractive DIY ideas to spruce up your home. You can let your innovation run wild! Diyas symbolise the spirit of Diwali, so invest in plain lamps and paint them in dazzling colours. Decorate your house by placing these lamps at multiple positions. You can also make unique lanterns using mason jars and paper cups. Candles come handy when you want to design novel lanterns. Let your creativity do the talking.

Colour with flowers

Flowers are the symbol of freshness and fragrance. Any auspicious day is marked with flowers. For Diwali, you can hang them on your walls and entrance. If you have a pooja rack, then decorate it with different types of flowers. You can make a paper garland by creating flower designs out of different coloured papers. Tie them up on a string and hang them on the walls. Your instant beautiful garland is all set to adorn your home.

Fancy rangolis

It is time to wake up the artist in you. You can design your floor with any design of your choice. Also, add colours with rangoli powders to enhance your artwork. You can create your art with flowers as well. To add an extra festive element, place lamps on the rangoli designs to magnify the beauty of the design. Generally, rangolis are done at your entrance as a mark of welcoming your guests. Get ready to go all artistic!

A focal wall

Does your wall have something to say? From an inspiring quote to intuitive designs, you can hang many designs on your wall. Split the designs and place in the living room and bedroom. A large canvas painting is an appealing option to place in the living room. Also, inspiring life quotes can find a place in your bedroom. Kindle your DIY spirit and make your wall hangings with crafts and lampshades. A large number of colourful glass bangles can be clubbed together and tied using a satin ribbon to hang on the wall. Decorative and dangling bangles are one of the easiest and most  impressive Diwali decoration ideas.

Joy of giving

There is nothing more satisfying than gifting people. For this Diwali, you can make innovative gifts with things in your home. It could be some of your DIY ideas for home decor. You can gift your handmade lanterns or wall hangings to your guests. A box of sweet equals your delight and a box of savouries parallels your love. Let this Diwali mark the pleasure of sharing through your gifts!

Why not balloons?

Typically, balloons are not the tradition for Diwali. But why not? Vibrant balloons swaying along your ceiling and walls symbolise celebration. Break the cliche and think out of the box to fill your house with positivity and festivity. Get different coloured balloons and tie them on a string. You can also stick the balloons on the walls or stack some in the corner of your house. But ensure that the lamps are kept away from the balloons for safety. 

General clean up

Cleanliness is the mantra for a happy life. The festive season is the right time to start your extensive cleaning sessions. Discard old items from your house and vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust. Typical dusting and mopping should be the primary cleaning step. Stack your clothes properly and arrange showpieces on your shelf neatly. Replace the flowers in the vase and change the used carpets. In case you have any golden or silver-plated objects, polish them before putting them on display. 

Let your house reflect your imagination and spread the Diwali spirit through your artistic touch! May this festival of lights radiate happiness and joyfulness to you. You can check Casagrand for investing in your dream home and let this auspicious occasion be a sign of wealth and prosperity. With your new home, explore all these DIY ideas and spruce up your new home!