When you decide to buy your dream house, you are not only purchasing four walls and some space within, but the dream and hope of building yourself a home with loved ones. Every aspect of the house holds a special place in your life, including the very first day you plan to move into it. The first entry into the house or griha pravesh holds a special significance, especially when you choose a shubh muhurat or auspicious time for it. According to Vastu Shastra, performing the gruhapravesh poojaon an auspicious day is said to bring good fortune into the lives of the dwellers.

Take a look at some easy and practical griha pravesh tips for anyone who will be shifting homes in the near future or is on the lookout for a new house. Use this as a guide for a memorable house warming ceremony.

Time to clean up the old mess
The first thing you must buy for the house is a broom. It is essential to get rid of any old mess and dirt before the ceremony. Clean the house thoroughly using the broom and mop it up nicely with salt water in order to purify the premises and wipe out any negative energies.

Prepare for kalash pooja
Usually performed right before the gruhapravesh, kalash pooja marks a sign of prosperity for those who will be living in the house. As a part of the ritual, one must enter the home holding a copper pot (kalash) filled with nine types of grains, water, a silver coin and a coconut placed above it. Before you step into the house, break the coconut at the entrance signifying the removal of any obstacles.

Set up the havan kund
Performing havan during the gruhapravesam pooja can help cleanse the aura of the house and purify it with positive energy. The herbs used during the havan emanate smoke which purifies the surroundings, representing a new beginning with good energies.

Stay in the house on the gruhapravesh day
The night of the ceremony day, at least one family member must live in the house as it should not be left entirely vacant. Since you have recently performed the pooja in the house, it is best to stay around the positive ambiance of the havan and the festivities, thereby allowing you to embark upon a new journey with your home.

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