Mediterranean style homes have an appeal which is really hard to match. The European way of life is one that is laidback, indulgent, peaceful and has a huge focus on harmony, and this thinking reflects in the design and architecture of the Mediterranean region as well. When one travels to the scenic locales of the Mediterranean, and takes in the inherent beauty of the culture, one does wonder how they can take some of this beauty back home. Luckily, Casagrand has designed a stunning villa project in Kuniyamuthur which draws inspiration from European homes. So if you have been looking for those villas for sale in Coimbatore that are show-stoppingly beautiful, you must consider Casagrand Aqua.
This makes one wonder, what are the defining factors of that classic Mediterranean design for homes?

  • Mediterranean-Style Houses Have Big Primary Facades
    Having a huge primary facade is reflective of the fact that Mediterranean homes are quite large and airy. Casagrand Aqua’s homes are spacious, and the grand outer facade is implicative of this. After all, the villas are 3 and 4 BHK constructions with lovely balconies as well!
  • Lovely Red Tiled Roofs Are Used
    Those typical, idyllic terracotta and clay roofs give Mediterranean homes the cozy feeling, which evokes a closeness to all things organic and natural. Red-tiled roofs bring back childhood memories of warm sunshine, frolic and fun. Casagrand Aqua brings back terracotta tiled roofs in a refined and classy avatar.
  • Stucco-Style Exterior Walls
    Mediterranean homes tend to have neutral-toned Stucco-style walls that are super timeless and soothing to look at. Casagrand Aqua has employed interesting textures on the facade of every home in the project, and every structure has been painted in the same evergreen neutral tone, to evoke the look of true Stucco.
  • Large Floor Plans
    In a city like Coimbatore, it can be hard to find a house for sale in Coimbatore & that is expansive and allows you to enjoy sunlight streaming in. At Casagrand Aqua, not only are the homes Vaastu compliant, we also make sure that they feel spacious, and there is no dead space whatsoever. You will be pleasantly surprised by how big the villas and the apartments are, once you walk in!
  • Large Gardens
    At Casagrand, we truly value access to open spaces, flowering gardens and closeness to nature. Th at is why all our projects offer up community garden spaces that are designed to help you meet new people, relax and detox, and exercise, as well. The villas at Casagrand Aqua actually have their own private gardens as well, for that truly Mediterranean feel. We suggest growing herbs in your private garden, just like the Europeans would!

Mediterranean-style home designs are an aspiration that Casagrand Aqua has now made a reality. This villa project in Kuniyamuthur pays homage to the cornerstones of European architecture, to build homes that can be lived in for decades to come, without losing any of their charm. So if you have been looking for flats or villas for sale in Coimbatore, we strongly recommend dropping by at Casagrand Aqua.