Chennai as we know is one of the most affordable big metro cities, especially after Kolkata. The population of Chennai basically comprises bachelors who have relocated due to higher studies or are working in the IT or automobile industry. It also consists of families and married couples too.

The cost of living in Chennai differs between the three because of the overall location, the house size, and certain lifestyle factors. The cost-of-living expense in Chennai drastically change among the three groups.

According to actual reports, people who are living in Chennai should be earning a decent salary in the range of 30K – 50K to live comfortably in the city of Temples – Chennai which being considered with respect to other metropolitan cities is quite low. So, if you are looking to invest in the Chennai real estate market, the overhead cost plus the salary slab needs to be kept in mind.

Breakage of living expenses in Chennai
The breakage of living expenses would be quite different among the three prevalent groups due to a range of factors. To help you, we have divided the expenses into different groups to make you understand better

1. Cost of living in Chennai for a bachelor
Accommodation – If we are talking about bachelors, the first instinct would be to stay in PGs (Paying guests) which are very close to their respective offices or educational institutions with in-house meal service, Wi-Fi, locker room, and other facilities. Some of the facilities are included in the rent and the others are charged separately. The average rent of PG in Chennai is 6000-9000.

Lifestyle – If you love going out regularly then, You would have to easily spend 800 – 1200 on each trip which would include the food cost too.

2. Cost of living in Chennai for couples
Home Ownership – The average rent for a 1 BHK in Chennai is around 9000-12000 and for a 2 BHK, it would be around Rs.12000-15000. That excludes the factor of whether the apartments are fully furnished or semi-furnished and if they are furnished, it will cost you more money. If you are researching property for sale in Chennai and are looking for apartments for sale in Chennai in posh areas or average locality, you will have to spend in the range of 70 Lakhs – 3.5 crores.

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Transportation Cost – If you stay near your office, you will save a lot. But if you have a personal car and want to use it, you will have to shell out around Rs.6000-9000 depending on the drastic change in the fuel prices. You can use the MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) buses for your office trips to save money or you can use the Namma Metro where the fare maximum reaches Rs.50 across all the lines.

Lifestyle – On average including all subscriptions, electricity bills, and grocery shopping, it would cost you around 9000-12000. It may differ depending on your extra expenses such as going out and eating/watching movies.

3. Cost of living in Chennai for Families
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Education Cost – Chennai is home to some of the best educational institutions across India. The average monthly expense of a child’s primary school fees can start from Rs. 8000 and reach around 16000 depending on the school’s affiliation.

Other costs – These depend on the strength of the family. If we consider the child’s school fees, maid fees, shopping, grocery, going out, etc. You will have to spend somewhat around 16000-20000 per month plus additional expenses if more traveling is required.

Fun Tip – If we consider the cost of living in Chennai vs Bangalore then Chennai would have the edge over Bangalore due to low transportation costs and real estate prices.

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We hope this article helps you to understand the cost of living in Chennai, considering you are planning a move to Chennai in the near future.