Vastu as we know holds importance for us. Whenever a decision is made to purchase a property, Vaastu takes the utmost priority. Every Indian family believes in the concept of Vastu.

Just to simply explain it, Vastu gives you a suggestion of the right color, format, shape, and directions to ensure that happiness reaches every corner of the house. For a property to become your own home or your safe place, it must have a certain kind of energy and Vastu basically says the people living under the house get influenced by this energy.

Although there is a huge amount of information regarding Vastu with respect to building plans and floor plans, you don’t need to worry about that since the Vastu of the house can also be enhanced by the placement of certain items. So if you are thinking of enhancing the house with vastu, then this article will help you to choose and purchase vastu items for home that will help you in the long run.

6 must-need Vastu items for Home
Although there are many positive energy vastu items for home, Vastu items should be chosen on the basis of the requirements as well as the availability of space to place them in the house, which may be particularly beneficial if you’re planning to put your house for sale in Chennai. The cost factor does come into play, as all the items will not be easily affordable.

To help you in making the decision, We have curated a list of Vastu items for home that are easily available and affordable too below –

1. Use Wind Chimes
The soothing and melodic sound of a wind chime is said to create a calm environment and clear traces of negative energy from the house as per vastu shastra. It is one of the most widely bought vastu items for home.

If we go on to more in-depth, depending on the direction in which we place the wind chime, the material is also decided in that way. One of the best vastu items for home entrance is wind chimes. It is said to bring positive energy through the front door via sound.

One crucial piece of information, please avoid placing the wind chime above the front door. Place it on the sides of the entrance gate.

2. Buddha Statue
As everyone knows, the statue of Buddha is told to bring peace to the house. In the market, we see a variety of buddhas such as the reclining one, the praying one, and others. The most well-known buddha statue is the laughing buddha. If you are looking for vastu decorative items for living room or vastu products for home, a buddha statue is a must.
Whenever you are placing the statue, remember the state must be facing the east direction and it needs to face inwards the room. Look at houses for sale in Coimbatore , apartments in Bangalore, or flats for sale in Chennai if you’re looking for a compact, reasonable house.

3. Paintings
If you are specifically looking for decorative items for the living room or vastu items for bedroom, then paintings are the wisest option for you as they help energize the house. There are many types recommended by vastu shastra such as running horses, lovers, buddha, etc. Each painting brings different vibes to the house.

The best decorative item for the living room would be a painting of running horses which is said to bring financial stability to your house. A waterfall painting depending on the placement brings different vibes to the house as the placement of the painting on the northern wall will bring financial gains and, on the east, west wall for favorable gains.

Tip: Avoid paintings of stagnant waters, always go for running water paintings.

4. Fresh Flowers in the Bedroom
The simplest vastu items for bedroom would be flowers. It enhances the beauty of the room with its smell and appearance for starters and according to vastu shastra, it brings good luck and a positive feeling to the house.

5. Small Artistic Lamp in your house
The most beneficial part of small lamps in our house is that they help to bring about a calm environment and they motivate good mental health. Bad mental health is more prevalent among the younger generation and office-going people, so adding a small lamp in the house can do wonders for everyone.

It also generates positivity in the house and dampens the negative energy presiding there.

6. Bring Plants (Greenery)
The ultimate objective of planting greenery in your house is to bring colors. You have the choice to choose any kind of flora that is suitable for the place you are currently living. According to vastu shastra, planting greenery brings luck and happiness to the house. Bringing greenery to the house is the most efficient way to energize and enhance your house.

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We hope this article helps you to understand the various vastu things for home which will energize and enhance your home with very little effort.