While growing up, kids undergo several physical, mental, and emotional changes that shape them into adults. It is essential to choose the right placements, directions, and colors as per Vastu shastra while designing your childrens bedroom to ensure that positive energy, warmth, and peace prevail in their private space and lives.

While you may think that the Vastu for every room in your home or overall vastu of your house is the only thing to consider while designing your interiors, the vastu for your kids room will actually differ. If you’re confused as to how to go about it, here are the 7 major vastu tips to follow for a kids bedroom:-

1. Choose the West direction

The best location for childrens bedroom is the West or Southwest corner of your home as it is considered to be fortunate for them in the long run. Following the below tips, your child should sleep with their head in the East or South direction for sound, peaceful sleep through the night.

2. East-facing door

The bedroom door of your childrens bedroom should be East-facing as per vastu. It is believed that this invites joy and optimism into their lives. This door must also be hinged in a way to open in a clockwise direction and avoid hanging door posters or signs which lead to aggression.

3. Avoid Windows, Mirrors, or Doors in front of the bed

Like the master bedroom, you must avoid placing mirrors, windows or doors right opposite your kids bed in their room. It is said that these unfortunate placements stir negative energy and and even lead to a lack of sleep, disrupting the peace.

4. Place furniture in the West or Southwest corner

Ideally, all the furniture, especially the bed in a kids room should be placed in the Southwest direction. Not only is this placement considered auspicious but also believed that a wooden bed placed in the Southwest direction brings good health, prosperity, and life-long success. Avoid metal bed frames to keep negativity away from your child’s life.

5. Place the study table in West or Southwest corner

The best placement for a study table in your kids room as per vastu is in the West or Southwest direction. Place it in such a way that when your child sits at the table to study, they are facing North or East to ensure focus and improved concentration levels.

6. Place the bookshelf in North East corner

Placing a bookshelf in the Northeast direction of the kids room is good for vastu. It is also preferable to pick a bookshelf made of wood instead of metal as metal can have a negative impact on them in the long run.

7. Avoid toys of wild animals

It is suggested as per vastu shastra that your childrens bedroom must not have toys or stuffed animals of wild animals as it is believed that they can stimulate aggression in them.

Now that you’ve understood the value of Vastu shastra while designing your kids room, you can use the above mentioned tips to allow positive energy in and fruitful outcomes to arrive in your child’s life!

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