British architecture will remind you of the grand colonial buildings that span India. Even in Chennai, many areas of the city have British architecture from the colonial era that lends so much charm to the city. So it is not unusual to want a beautiful British-style home to call your own. A British-styled house looks timeless, polished and refined, while still feeling cozy. If you have been looking for a villa for sale in Chennai itself, you must consider Casagrand Vistaaz. This happens to be Chennai’s very first and only British-style villas in Perungalathur.

The hallmarks of British architecture are grouped windows, gable roofs, baroque-style windows, exposed bricks, and paneled facades. These villas look extremely inviting and homely and are in the middle of a well-planned boutique township. If you are a fan of colonial architecture, Casagrand Vistaaz will call out your name! Casagrand Vistaaz is located in Perungalathur, which is a southern suburb of Chennai. It is a lovely residential locality that is ultra-accessible. So if you are looking for individual houses for sale in Perungalathur, Casagrand Vistaaz is the way to go. And if you favor beautiful colonial-style villas, you are in for a treat. Let us tell you why!

  • Gabled Roofs
    Casagrand Vistaaz’s homes all have gabled roofs, which are straight out of the British countryside. These roofs are reminiscent of typical English sceneries, and you will love the distinct character this lovely roof gives to your home. Needless to say, the room under this roof is bound to have quite an interesting ceiling which would be fun to decorate as well.
  • Exposed Brick Facades
    The exposed brick facades that Casagrand Vistaaz offers are unlike any other villas for sale in Perungalathur. The villas in this project have facades that have very trendy exposed brick exteriors, which are as timeless, as they are on-trend. This is a quality that makes them quintessentially British.
  • Rendered walls
    Rendered walls give the look of fresh cement to a home’s outer facade. This is visible in the upper portion of Casagrand Vistaaz’s facades, where the walls are a pleasant grey tone. This rendering makes homes weatherproof, too, and not just stunning to look at!
  • Multiple floors in one villa
    Casagrand Vistaaz has a beautiful ground floor, plus first floor plus terrace design, which makes these homes look more spacious than they already are. This spaciousness spread across 3 levels is reminiscent of colonial designs, that give the cozy feel of a typical British cottage, while still looking extremely stylish and modern.

All in all, you can be sure that you will not find villas for sale in Perungalathur that match up to the luxurious and premium look and feel of Casagrand Vistaaz. These villas in Perungalathur are in the middle of a thoughtfully designed community, and they also have tons of amenities to enjoy, like a fully equipped clubhouse, a lovely pool to keep you and your family fit, and a 65% open space with lots of greenery.

The clubhouse, Club Victoria has a multi-purpose party hall, several provisions for indoor games, a posh gym, an AV Room, and even a space for functional training. The outdoor amenities include unique options like a rock climbing wall, an interactive structure court, and even a senior citizens court, to ensure everyone in your home has premium facilities to enjoy. So go ahead and give these villas for sale in Chennai a shot.