Whether you are building a new home or you are thinking of redecorating your current one, it is natural to look at Vastu Shastra for guidance on how to set it up. Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian scientific tradition of creating a congenial space to live or work so that the five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky are aligned and in complete harmony.

But did you know that apart from the directions that your house and rooms face, there are many more considerations to be kept in mind? The shape of your rooms and their colors play an important role in the well-being of the inhabitants of a space. Vastu Shastra recommends certain colors for each of your rooms, including the most important of them all – the bedroom!

The right Vastu colors for your bedroom ensure that pleasant and positive energy prevails there at all times, making it an ideal space for peace, tranquility and rejuvenation. After all, bedrooms are for comfort, relaxation, and a means to take a break from the world. And details like the colors that surround you enhance your living experience. 

Read on to discover the best color combinations that you can use for your haven of repose.

Best Vastu Color for Bedroom #1 Pretty Pink

The color pink is the universal color of love. A pretty pink color can provide happiness, intimacy and optimism to the ambience. Pink is suggested as one of the best bedroom colors for couples, according to Vastu.

If you and your partner are not comfortable with your walls being painted completely pink, you can always add other elements of pink to your bedroom. Try rose-gold metallic colors for your drawers, furniture, doorknobs or window screens. The color of your bedroom décor can be an invaluable addition to create the perfect ambience.  

Best Vastu Color for Bedroom #2 Whites

The color white, in general, denotes peace, serenity and tranquility; it has the same effect on your bedroom and the space inhabited within in. If you love the color white, there is no better option for your bedroom. You can pair the color white with pop-ups of blue and other bold colors in the same palette to make your bedroom look more classic and timeless.

Best Vastu Color for Bedroom #3 Green

Green, a most pleasant color which has the ability to soothes us, just like when we step out in nature, has an immensely calming effect on your bedroom. Green colors and accents in your bedroom denote nature, freshness, growth, healing and abundance. For people with low immunity or elders, a bedroom with green-colored walls is recommended. The color green is best suited for bedrooms inhabited by the elderly, as per Vastu, as it has a healing effect.

Best Vastu Color for Bedroom #4 Blue

Shades of blue create a cozy and comfortable vibe in your bedroom. As opposed to using just one dominant blue shade in your bedroom, adding different hues of blue lend serenity and offer the best way to end a tiring day.

Here is a pro-tip: If your room is small, try avoiding the color blue. The color blue in a small place might make a space feel claustrophobic. Whereas blue used in large spaces lends a feeling of open space and oneness. To buy a house with a large bedroom capacity, you can check out houses for sale in Bangalore.

Best Vastu Color for Bedroom #5 Yellow

Here’s a color that is just perfect for small spaces – Yellow! It keeps the ambience mellow and can suit a space of any size but is especially effective in brightening up smaller spaces, making them look wide and warm. The color yellow adds more positivity, happiness, hope and cheerfulness to a bedroom.

You can also deck up just one of the walls with yellow and cute floral patterns. Check out villas in Bangalore or flats for sale in Chennai, or apartments in Coimbatore for small and affordable places.

Best Vastu Color for Bedroom #6 Gold

Gold, the name itself, adds more value as we say it. And it does so to your bedroom as well. The color gold resonates with extreme optimism and intelligence. Moreover, adding gold colors to your bedroom will make it seem more elegant and opulent.

Here Are A Few Vastu Colors For Your Bedroom Based On Room Direction

  • Ocean hues will best suit west-facing rooms
  • A soothing green palette suits north-facing room
  • For northwest facing rooms, choose neutral shades like white
  • South-facing rooms do well with yellow palettes
  • A perfect sky-blue color works perfectly with northeast and east-facing rooms.

Bottom line:

With many beautiful colors available, it is inevitable to get confused about the colors to choose from for the walls or décor of your bedroom. The trick is simple: add a plethora of Vastu Shastra suggested colors to your favorite ones when you plan the color scheme. Choose colors that will benefit your mental, emotional and spiritual state of being.

Use the information here to work out the best Vastu color combinations for your bedroom. Look for spaces that allow elemental harmony as you browse houses for sale in Bangalore or villas for sale in Chennai or villas in Coimbatore to find your dream home.