Earlier, we all knew all our neighbours and interacted with them often although with gated communities and changing lifestyle, we hardly have the time to meet our neighbours. However, we do meet different types of people. Here is a list of 8 types of neighbours that we all encounter.

Over friendly

These are the sort of neighbours who literally stay in your house and will even start helping out with your daily chores.  They do not know where to draw the line and sometimes refuse to give you privacy. They are always asking personal questions and want to know everything about you and your family.

The noisy one

There is always someone in the building whose house is always noisy. It could be a bachelor gang or a family with kids or even a family with pets, these kinds of neighbours can be a little annoying. They are blissfully unaware of their issue and will continue to be the same way.

The spy

You know, we always see these aunties whose door is always open! They are always looking to see what is going on in your house. They could possibly be Sherlock Holmes assistant, with the skills they have. These kinds of people practically know everything, including your daily routine. So next time you come late; be on the lookout, your very own GPS tracker might get you caught.

The mysterious one

There is at least one person in the building, who you know exist but you hardly ever see. They are either always indoors or out of town. They are so unfriendly and to themself that we sometimes even wonder if they step out of the house at all.

The gossipy one

These kinds of people love socialising and are always making mental notes of everything that you can possibly say. Be careful not to say anything controversial to them. You could possibly become the talk of the town.

The Pet owners

If you are a pet lover, there is nothing better than having a neighbour who owns a pet. Pets  are a lot of fun to play with. While they can be fun to hang out with, you may have to lookout for an over friendly dog that might cling onto you.

The constant borrowers

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and you are just watching TV, and the doorbell rings! Guess who it is? Yes, it’s that neighbour who is here to borrow some sugar or some stationery. You won’t even be surprised because this is probably not the first time they are knocking your door.

The happy family

You’re in luck if you have these kinds of neighbours living around you. They are the trouble free ones and are always glad to help. These happy families, young or old, can be a real boon to have around.