As one of the most celebrated events of one’s life, a housewarming party or griha pravesh accounts for an auspicious special occasion that should not only be cherished, but also celebrated in an unforgettable way. It is nothing short of a milestone in an individual’s life worth remembering forever with loved ones. Having said that, hosting a housewarming party can seem like a challenging task, but with our quick tips that are easy to execute and perfectly practical, we are hoping you will find yourself as a much more confident host.

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Step 1 – Pick an auspicious day or muhurata
The stepping stone for any auspicious event in life is by choosing the right day to initiate it. A shubh muhurta, like many Indian festivities such as Diwali, Gudi Padwa, Navratri, Makarsankranti, etc, can be chosen to host your housewarming party or griha pravesh havan. Timing is usually important for Indian ceremonies and this is just the perfect occasion to pick the right time and day for.

Step 2 – Select a theme
A great way to make your party memorable is by being innovative. You can turn up the excitement by indulging the guests in interactive games, activities and ice breaking sessions to help you get the party started. It is always fun to allow everyone time to interact, unwind and mingle using your theme as the perfect way to bring them together.

Step 3 – Pay attention to the décor
The real life of the party is how you’ve done up your house, especially when people can’t stop talking about it. If your house is creatively designed, half your work is done there. Take some time to carefully pick out the décor and align it with your theme. A great way to bring people together and make your party more memorable is by curating the food options accordingly too.

Step 4 – Don’t forget the party favours
The best way to conclude a housewarming party is by sending your guests back home with little party favours or treats that will remind them of the occasion, your welcoming gestures and your lovely home. Some good options can be a crockery set, box of handmade desserts, door hangings, multipurpose storage boxes, etc. If you’ve found your ideal home, we hope you use these easy hacks to throw a memorable housewarming party, and for those on the lookout must check the luxury flats for sale in Chennai by Casagrand. Most people host a housewarming party or a griha pravesh puja once in their lifetime and it is one of the most special occasions worth celebrating. Here’s a chance for you to find your dream home and celebrate your milestone in an unforgettable way!