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If you are looking for the perfect spot to vacation with your family, you couldn’t find a better place than Kodaikanal. The scenic green hilltops, misty skies and beautiful weather make Kodaikanal the perfect haven to take a break from city life. Imagine if you could own a piece of this breathtaking hill station for a vacation home you could come back to whenever you felt like it. With Casagrand, you can make your life a permanent vacation with our residential plots for sale in Kodaikanal. Casagrand The Hilltop Phase I is an expansive property, offering each plot ample space, privacy and beautiful views.n for you build your dream home.

You can explore the tea plantations along the slopes, take a walk in the woods, go on a hike, or just sit by the fire, enjoying the warmth. Explore Casagrand The Hilltop Phase I for a plot that you can start building the best years of your life on.