Ongoing projects


In recent years, Oragadam has witnessed a massive spurt in development, with some of the biggest corporations in the world opening up offices and manufacturing plants here. This increase in investments has made Oragadam extremely attractive to people looking for jobs. The steady number of people moving to Oragadam for work has led to a number of residential projects coming up to cater to the growing demand. But while Oragadam has no dearth of projects, Casagrand’s properties stand out among them.
Casagrand Arena and Casagrand Phase II are two of the biggest villa projects in Oragadam offering an unimaginable quality of living for those who are lucky enough to be able to call them home. Breaking away from cramped spaces city life is synonymous with, these properties are built keeping in mind families who love spending fun hours outdoors. The emphasis in both these properties is to maximise both, indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring that residents have no lack of space.