“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s wealth. “ – Robert Kiyosaki

Chennai has emerged as one of the top 12 realty destinations in the world1. This has been accompanied by a surge in demand for real estate properties in and around Chennai. Investment success stories in stock markets are weaved around selecting the multi-bagger stocks that can give you multi-fold returns. The real estate investments also need to be viewed from the same perspective. Investment decisions should be weighted in terms of real returns it can give over a period of time before going ahead.


Chennai’s city centre has already seen price inflation for real estate properties touching sky heights. The outskirts of the city has emerged as realty hotspots in the last few years. Oragadam is one such multi-bagger destination for real estate investing in Chennai. There are multiple reasons that back our belief in the potential of Oragadam for investment.


  • Chennai is a traditional banking domain speciality location that drives many BFSI businesses. Tamil Nadu government is eyeing the industrial belt of Oragadam along with Sriperumbudur to create a Financial City in Chennai. The project is estimated to create 30,000 plus jobs along with a long term impact on the city’s development among the top financial centres in India.


  • It is home to special economic zones with numerous IT companies, automobile and electronics manufacturers in the vicinity. Hyundai, Ford, Samsung & Dell are a few to name.


  • Good connectivity through NH4 and the Tambaram – Mudichir – Sriperumbudur has been an advantage has helped the realty hotspot of Oragadam and adjoining areas.


  • The industrial presence has ensured a diverse population of local workers as well as non-locals who come in numbers to work with numerous IT companies around. This also means the demand for ready to move-in houses for the fast-growing population that can translate into steady rental income for the house owners.


  • Highly affordable land rates in the outskirts is another reason that adds to the ROI for the investors. The majority of plots lie in the range of 5-6 lakhs for different plot sizes of 500-2500 sq. ft. Considering the expected rise in demand over the next few years, even plots can give you a good return.



  • Many educational institutions in the Oragadam –Sriperumbudur belt including Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Apollo Polytechnic College, Shri Krishna Engineering College and Raasi College of Engineering to name a few.


  • Multiple banks and financial services providers are present in the area including SBI, ICICI, Bank of Baroda to name a few.


Considering investing in Oragadam? There’s no reason why you should lose this opportunity!


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