Chennai is regarded as one of the best cities for early to high school education. Every time a part of the city develops and builds up a community, the first few things to pop up are schools. Being a high profile area, ECR is sure to be blessed with some of the best schools in the city, so if you’re planning to enroll your child into one, here are a few top schools to consider.

Gateway International School

Gateway International School offers a CBSE curriculum that stands out in it approach to full-fledged education from preschool to higher secondary. The array of academic activities encourages kids to flex their thought process towards more proactive learning. Students are given access to a rich blend of sports and co-curricular activities which push them to reach their fullest potential.

American International School

American International School was established in 1995 through an agreement between the Governments of USA and India. Today it sits on a 13-acre campus which provides quality education to its diverse crowd of young learners. The stand-out programs include a strong English Language Learner program and a Bring Your Own Technology program that educates kids through modern technology like iPads and Laptops. There are numerous amenities in the campus, such as a 25-metre swimming pool, 900 seater auditorium, football field, tennis court, cafeterias and more. The school is accredited by three international boards; CIS (The Netherlands), MSA (Philadelphia, U.S.A.), and IBO (England).

The British International School Chennai

As its name suggests, The British International School Chennai (TBIC) gives children the opportunity to explore and learn from a curriculum that is unique to the city. From kindergarten to year 12, the school follows the British curriculum and is recognized by the Board of London Examinations and is registered to conducted IGCSE and GCE examinations exclusively with Edexcel International London Examinations. International education is booming in the city and TBIC is a great example of such a school that delivers the best of academic and extra-curricular standards.

Vael’s Billabong High International School

Vael’s Billabong High International School is an affiliate of Kangaroo Kids Playschool; the country’s most sought after pre-school chain. Vael’s Billabong borrows from the highly regarded teaching standards of Kangaroo Kids and merges the curriculum with the international standards of IGCSE board, giving youngsters a unique learning experience that stands out due to their stress on practical over theory. The preschool is a sister concern of Billanook College, Australia, which gives it unique access to international education links and resource sharing.

 St John’s Universal School

Strategically located in the ECR’s most scenic spot, St. John’s Universal school is determined to give the children an expansive learning and development that sees them go beyond the books. To look at the infrastructure and you will be convinced that it encapsulates some of the most advanced schooling techniques of today.  While the school offers a CBSE curriculum, they go beyond the limits of that curriculum, providing a 360-degree approach to playing and learning.

Primrose Schools

If ever there was a school that defined complete education, it is Primrose. Graded every year among the best schools in ECR, Primrose enters 11 years of successfully growing full-fledged programs for Kindergarten and all grades. One of the most unique things about the school is its approach to a diversified curriculum based on learning level. Primarily following the ICSE curriculum, Primrose smartly branches out the curriculum into a Montessori program (Kindergarten), XSEED program (Classes 1-4), Active Learning program (Classes 5-10) and IGCSE board (Classes 11& 12). Extra-curricular activities re the most you will see among any top school in the city, giving children so much to choose from, on their educative journey.

GTA Vidhya Mandir

True to modern infrastructure and ultra-modern education techniques, GTA Vidhya Mandir has established itself as a prime choice for parents to enroll their kids. From the early educational standpoint right upgrade 12, children are exposed to a pulsating, enriching and unique learning structure that borrows from the STEM approach. The school is known to stress on technology –friendly learning and has been recognized as the best tech school of 2015. Aside from a well-structured learning method, the school also offers a host of clubs for inter-school activities.


ECR is known for its lovely atmosphere, beautiful scenery and a host of fun activities to keep you entertained 24/7. How can you enjoy the stretch in its full glory? All you need to do is move into a sea facing apartment on ECR.