If you’re considering buying a new home, the first step is ensuring you have the necessary funds to do so. You could opt for a home loan, but bear in mind that home loans can finance only up to 80% of your chosen property’s value. The remaining 20% will have to come from your savings. Managing your money is not the easiest thing to do and keeping track of all your expenses can be a little complicated. However, there is an easy solution – financial apps. These apps will connect to your bank account and help you keep track of all the spending that you do. Additionally, some of the best financial apps will pinpoint areas where you are spending, track upcoming bill payments, and maintain your credit score and investment portfolio. Listed below are some of the best financial apps in India that will help you manage your overall finances.

Money View

One of the best financial apps in India, Money View offers an overview of your finances and categorises all your expenses with having to enter any information manually. Another helpful feature is the app’s SMS-tracking technology. The Money View app will tap into any text message sent from your bank and notes all debit and credit transactions. Another reason Money View is one of the top financial apps in India is because it can set a budget depending on your income, making it easy for you to manage your finances. These budget plans help you save and spend money judiciously.


Available on: Android.

mTrakr Money Managers

Among the top financial apps is mTrakr. This easy-to-use app is a one-stop shop for all your financial queries. It provides valuable insight into your personal finances so much so that even a layman with no financial background can easily navigate his way. Recommended by bankers and chartered accountants, mTrakr is one of the best financial apps in India. Not only does it help track your expenses, but it also identifies the areas in which you are overspending and categorises your bills into fields like travel, shopping, food, etc. A single user can even manage multiple accounts with this app.


Available on: Android and iOS


Not managing your finances is one of the most common mistakes while investing in real estate. However, with the help of the Wally app, you can now take charge of your personal finances. The Wally app does not record any personal or sensitive information without your consent so you can be assured of complete privacy. The app works by calculating your income, expenses and savings goal and gives you a “spendable amount” each month similar to an allowance. This way you won’t carelessly spend your money.


Available on: Android and iOS


With its multiple functions and easy navigability, Walnut is among the best financial apps in India. It functions as a personal expense manager as it tracks you’re your daily spending patterns, bank accounts, debit and credit card transactions, while simultaneously giving you insights and informative infographics regarding your expenses. After being granted access Walnut will go through text messages from your bank, process them and categorise them into different areas of spending. With the help of the Walnut app, you can control your spending and increase your savings.


Available on: Android and iOS


Among the several financial apps that help you track your expenses and spending, ETMoney works a little differently. With the ETMoney app, you can identify top-performing stocks to invest in. Additionally, the app allows you to grow idle money in your account, thereby increasing your savings.


ETMoney also monitors your expenses and recommends areas in which you can reduce your spending. This handy financial app lets your spend and save smarter, and also gives users exclusive credit card offers as well.


Available on: Android and iOS


These financial apps are testament to how technology has changed the real estate industry. From managing your monthly bills, tracking your spending and handling your investments, these financial apps can do it all. So download the one that best fits your needs and start saving to purchase your dream home. Find the most superior homes only at Casagrand. You can also read our blog on five reasons why you should buy a home in 2018.