We all, including the whole world, are aware of the economic growth that Bengaluru’s IT sector has generated over the years. This spectacular and robust growth has opened up several employment opportunities. This cropping up of jobs invited a lot of job seekers from all walks of life to the city. This further resulted in the coming up of many residential projects all across the city. One such prime location is KR Puram (Krishna Raja Puram). Not just us many real estate consulting firms like Knight Frank, claim KR Puram to be one of the best places to live in Bangalore.

KR Puram is a suburban area in Bangalore which is situated nearby developed areas like Mallasandra, Aavalahalli, Ramamurthy Nagar, and Whitefield. The place’s serene, clean & green environment is well-complimented by lakes such as the KR Puram Lake, and the Seegehalli Lake.

Employment generation and better economic opportunities could be some of the major reasons to consider your best place to live in Bangalore. There are some more significant reasons that you must consider before checking out residential houses for sale in KR Puram.

1. Better Connectivity

Excellent connectivity is the first and foremost reason that KR Puram is the best place to live in Bangalore. The place is blessed not just with scenic beauty and lakes but also with a robust connectivity network. Because of the presence of Outer Ring Road, and Old Madras Road, and KR Puram railway station, commuting to other parts of Bangalore, the state of Karnataka, and the whole country is smooth & hassle-free.

Soon enough the connectivity will further be boosted with the Metro Rail (Blue Line & Pink Line extension) project. Another project of High-Speed Metro will link this place with not just Bangalore Airport but other major parts as well. This remarkable connectivity helps in sustaining various businesses and commercial ventures which ensures definite economic growth and long-term development of the area. Extensive connectivity helps cut down on the cost of transportation and makes it much faster as well. That makes it one of the most desirable places to buy flats in KR Puram.

2. Better Employment & Educational Opportunities

After infrastructure, the presence of better educational & employment opportunities is the second important reason that KR Puram is the best place to live in Bangalore. That becomes your foremost necessity when you have kids to look after.

The city is dotted with well-established medical, engineering, arts, and commerce colleges. Some of the well-established educational institutions include Cambridge School, Amar Jyothi Women’s College, and Cambridge Institute of Technology.

After the completion of your schooling, this place is nearby well-known and promising IT hubs like Whitefield and Marathahali. It becomes even more important to mention that the place is very close to International Tech Park (ITPL). The place is set to receive more employment growth as hardware and an aerospace park in corporation with global companies such as Wipro and TCS is proposed to be built in this area. All of these promising features make this place the best place to live in Bangalore. You won’t regret buying flats & apartments in KR Puram for this very reason.

3. Top-notch Healthcare Facilities

The availability of well-equipped healthcare institutions is another significant reason that makes KR Puram the best place to live in Bangalore. Let’s clear one thing Bangalore is not just famous for its excellent IT infrastructure, the city also boasts of some excellent healthcare facilities. Reputed hospitals in the area are Sri Lakshmi Super Speciality Hospital, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, and KH Hospital.

That becomes an even more important reason when you have elders and kids in your family. And for this very reason, buying a property in KR Puram becomes a better investment decision. You won’t regret buying flats & apartments in KR Puram for this very reason.

4. Many Housing Options

Lastly, the presence of so many housing projects is another significant reason that makes KR Puram the best place to buy house in Bangalore. The average capital/property value in this area is lower when compared to other residential places in Bangalore. The prices are low not because of any negative implication, but because the real estate prominence of KR Puram is recognised just now. You won’t regret buying flats & apartments in KR Puram for this very reason.

You can find a great house for sale in KR Puram within the range of Rs. 4000 sq. ft.- Rs. 6000 sq. ft. This is a good sign which indicates that the place is still investible. It’s a good idea to park your investment because the demand for flats & apartments in KR Puram is going to get higher in the future. You can also drive up another income source with a strong rental income.

We hope that these reasons will help you realise that KR Puram is the best place to live in Bangalore. Whether you want to start a family, or just want to move in with your girlfriend or boyfriend, this place has flats & apartments to suit all your needs. Find a property that you can call your dream house and give you and your loved ones the best standard of living. Please feel free to let us know in the comment section below, in case we missed something.

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