Kitchens are one of the fastest to get outdated and one of the most expensive parts of the house to remodel. Gone are those days where kitchens were nothing short of dreary workspaces that hid behind closed doors. Today, a kitchen is central to everyday living and a key focus of every household. We have narrowed down three of the most popularly trending kitchen models that give your apartment an instant face-lift:

One-Wall Kitchen
This style of kitchen layout is perfect for those of you who like the idea of open kitchens that are roomy and do not occupy a lot of space. It is a great option for couples as the kitchen would be of an ideal size for two people to cook. You mount the cabinets on the same wall as the countertop and sink, that’s it. You have yourself an airy, non-obstructing kitchen!

L-Shaped Kitchen
This design layout resolves any corner-related concerns. It is a smart design for medium-sized kitchens as you can have countertops on two adjoining walls (perpendicular, in an L-shape). You can even put a dining table close to the kitchen area to complete the overall look of your kitchen.

Island Kitchen
As the name suggests, this kitchen layout gives you an additional work surface away from the walls. You can utilize this island space for additional storage, sink, appliances, countertop, or even as a place to eat. It is a great model for spacious homes and you can really work around its versatility.

As a bonus, we have some easy kitchen upgrades that don’t cost a fortune and are super easy to execute to give you a brand new looking kitchen:

  • Add some texture – Probably one of the least expensive and most impactful options, try to layer in some texture in the form of houseplants, wicker baskets, shopping bags, a statement wall, striking knobs, or bar stools.
  • Show off your collectibles – Remember those antiques you bought a few years back? Now is a great time to bring them out and place it in a display-worthy space.
  • Experiment with open shelving – Create a sense of space with open shelves on a blank wall. Not only does it look minimal, but also gives you a chance to display your beautiful glassware and cookbooks.
  • Play with lighting – Lighting can dramatically change the feel and look of your kitchen. As a general thumb rule, warm lighting always works best in kitchens as it is welcoming and gives you enough light to work.

As much as it is worth splurging on a completely new kitchen, there are numerous simple ways to upgrade it without having to remodel it entirely. A great foot to start on is finding a good base. Start with looking for homes that offer spacious areas and intelligent use of the available space. As a matter of fact, Casagrand homes offer spectacular 2BHK, 3BHK & 4BHK villas and flats in Chennai that are not only grand in size, but also creatively designed so as to avoid any space wastage. The only way you can recreate your dream kitchen is if you find a house that is a perfect backdrop for it, and Casagrand brings you just that in the form of beautiful, spacious homes in Chennai.