Spanish architecture is the stuff of social media fodder. When one finds beautiful homes on the internet, they save and screenshot them immediately for future reference. It is interesting to note that so many of these beautiful homes we see on the internet are inspired by Spanish architecture and design. This style of architecture has utterly clean lines, understated elegance, and completely soothing shapes. If you have been to great cities like Seville, Barcelona and Madrid, you would recognize it in a jiffy, but these days, a single picture of these great cities lets you know just what sets them apart. It is no surprise that the Spanish architectural style is now used to design premium homes, all over the world. Two such projects that have adopted this stunning architectural style are Casagrand Bloom and Casagrand Castle. If you have been looking for a house for sale in Chennai, we suggest giving the modern-day marvels at Casagrand Bloom and Casagrand Castle a chance.
One might ask, what are the characteristics of Spanish architecture? Let us take you through them.

  • Spanish Style Roofs
    The typical terracotta roofs you might see in Spanish-style homes have been incorporated into Casagrand Bloom & Casagrand Castle’s beautiful architecture. Even though your entire roof may not be covered with terracotta tiles, you can find this element added on to the tops of windows and balconies, which gives the home’s exterior a lovely idyllic effect.
    Casagrand Castle’s roofs follow a slightly more recent rendition of Spanish architecture, using a triangular shape that creates an interesting ceiling from within!
  • Arches and Curves
    Casagrand Bloom’s design incorporates lots of soft arches and curves in it. The clearest example of this is the design of the clubhouse. The clubhouse structure has lovely arched windows that let in plenty of filtered sunlight, and give off a luxurious and positive effect. You can also see this aspect incorporated at the entrance of Casagrand Castle, and Casagrand Bloom, where a gentle curved arch welcomes you as you drive or walk in. At Casagrand Castle, this is visible in the balcony niches of every home, and even on the facade of the sprawling clubhouse.
  • Garden Space
    Spanish people tend to be put a lot of focus on spending time with the family, and eating al fresco. This is why each home at Casagrand Bloom has its own private garden space, which you can use as you please, whether it’s as a space for your children to play, or as a lovely spot for a home-cooked meal. This treasured space is a great advantage, as open space is rare in a bustling metropolis like Chennai.
    Casagrand Castle’s stunning open courtyards are similar to this, albeit open to everyone. Spanning almost half an acre, these spaces facilitate meeting and communing with people.
  • Neutral, Stucco-esque walls
    The homes at Casagrand Bloom and Casagrand Castle are coloured in neutral tones that are the same colour as Spanish stucco. This gives the homes at these projects in Chennai a timeless and classy look. It’s a tone that looks soothing and pleasing to the eye, which is just what you want to come home to! Casagrand Castle’s use of large windows paired with neutral walls truly lets the beauty of that stucco colour shine.
  • Elaborate iron grills
    The balconies at Casagrand Castle have beautiful wrought iron railings that reflect timeless Spanish-inspired designs. They are reminiscent of castles and palaces of old Spain, but are contemporary additions to any home’s balcony. Curved into evergreen motifs, these iron railings are sturdy, and made of high quality material.

There are lots of other small details at Casagrand Bloom and Casagrand Castle that give the space a truly cosmopolitan feel. You may come across lots of projects that have got flats for sale in Manapakkam, or even Thirumudivakkam, but no other apartment complex or villa project in the city will give you the stunning looks, beautiful design, and the high quality of life that Casagrand Bloom and Casagrand Castle promise you.