The process of buying a property is one that involves a lot of research, points to consider and a lot of planning. While looking for a property, falling in love with it and finally purchasing it is a pretty joyful experience, one needs to be aware of many technicalities before taking the plunge.

Prior to making a property purchase, there must be complete awareness and a clear understanding of certain technical terms and concepts. From carpet area to mortgage clauses and land deed agreements, it is not unusual that even a really seasoned professional may have to learn what certain terms are, depending on the kind of property they are buying.

Casagrand is a top builder that is present in the bustling cities of Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore. We offer luxurious yet reasonably priced homes that have every modern amenity, and are absolutely architectural marvels. If you are considering buying a home in Chennai or Coimbatore, though, you must be aware of the guideline value for a property in the state of Tamil Nadu.

What is the guideline value of a property?
The property guideline value of a property is an estimated rate of the property, as determined by the government. The property guideline value of a project must ideally represent the true value of a property. However, the guideline value of a property is not always a reliable marker of its value as it can also be much lower, or even higher than what the actual market price is.

The process of determining the guideline value of a property in any state is assigned to the State Government, in this case, the Tamil Nadu State Government. The Tamil Nadu State Government is charged with assigning value to properties based on a number of predetermined factors such as the street location, the area, access to roads and many other factors.

It is important to know the guideline value of a property before one purchases it, as one must make sure they make a prudent and informed purchase.

Now, what is important when you are buying a property in Coimbatore or Chennai, is finding out what the guideline value of the property is, in Tamil Nadu.

Here is how to find out what the value is:

By visiting the TNREGINET website
This website is the official site of the Tamil Nadu state registration department.
The website has a tab called “Guideline values”.
This part of the website allows you to add the street name, property name, sub-registrar office, zone, and even village name, if applicable.
You can see the names of most major buildings in cities also mentioned on the website.
The website is quite straightforward and easy to use.
All Casagrand properties in Chennai and Coimbatore are located on prominent and easy to find streets, which are mentioned on the TNREGINET website, in order to ensure you make a cautious and informed purchase!