Once you decide to buy a new apartment, you will also have to decide on whether you would prefer staying in a high-rise or low-rise building. High rise homes are the sky scrapers which are built tall and are raised beyond four floors. Low rise homes, on the other hand, are generally ones that span lesser than four floors. Both have their own advantages over each other and depending upon your personal preferences, you can choose between the two.


We have listed the benefits of both high-rise as well as low-rise apartments which should help you make that choice:


Why High Rise Apartments?


  • High-rise apartments are not only popular for their location and convenience, but also for the beautiful view they offer of the entire city, which would not be available in apartments less than four floors.
  • Being multi-storey, these apartments tend to have better air flow, natural lighting and ventilation. The cool evening breeze can reduce the need for fans and air conditioners and lower electricity consumption in the long-term as well.
  • High-rises generally have a larger number of apartments and hence a bigger community. This can help have a better social life and a great community living experience. Some apartment communities also organize group activities that encourage socializing.
  • High-rise apartments usually offer more high-end amenities and common area compared to that of low-rise apartments. However, maintenance of high-rise apartments have always been a concern due to the same reasons.


Why Low-Rise Apartments?


  • Since the number of units are generally lesser, low-rise apartments offer more privacy and flexibility of rent & maintenance, as compared to that of high-rise apartments.
  • Being smaller communities, there is also less scope of disputes with neighbours, which is the flip side to community living.
  • Generally located on the outskirts of cities where there are no space constraints, these apartments generally have calmer, less polluted surroundings.
  • These apartments also hold lower risk during times of natural calamities such as earth quakes, where the escape mechanism is much faster and simpler compared to high rise buildings.
  • Comparatively, low-rise apartments tend to have more Undivided Share of Land (UDS), which becomes an important factor while transferring or selling your property in future.


Whether you are a first time home buyer or an NRI investor looking for properties in India, before finalising on the type of apartment you would want to go for, it is important to consider all factors above and choose the one that would best fit your lifestyle.


If there are any other factors that would influence your decision on choosing high-rise vs low-rise apartments, do let us know!