“Heart is where the home is.” A home is a place of security and comfort, physically as well as psychologically. It is a feeling of belonging. Finding a house which will satisfy all your needs and dreams is a big challenge, even more so when you have many factors to consider. 

Among the big cities in India, Bangalore has become the most favoured due to its pleasant weather all around the year and the job opportunities it presents. Sarjapur Road in Bangalore remains on most home buyers radar as it is a fantastic locality with the best amenities and facilities. With many renowned educational institutes, easy access to banks and hospitals, and well maintained infrastructure, it is time to put Sarjapur Road on your short list if you are looking for a house for sale in Bangalore.

We have listed here for you a few key considerations that will guide you in choosing the right house.


Before you begin to house-hunt, set a realistic estimated budget considering your income, savings and home loan capability. Don’t forget to take into account your current regular expenses, payouts and other financial commitments. Bear in mind that if you exceed your budget, your regular expenses will be affected. Casagrand offers villas for sale in Sarjapur Road at great deals to easily match any budget.

  • Home Loan Financing: Be sure to check for home loan financing options for yourself before you decide on a budget. Check your eligibility for home loans and the rate at which you would be able to avail it. Once you understand the funds you will have access to, it becomes easier to specify a range for your home budget.

  • Additional Costs: Apart from the cost of the house, you will pay property taxes, duties, insurance premiums, brokerage fees, and other fees, so be sure to take those into account as well. Moving out of your current house and moving into the new one will involve rents for trucks, movers, and other expenses as well as supplies.

  • Renovation or repainting: You may choose to repaint the house or go for interior design, which will need to be budgeted for.

  • Maintenance Costs: These will be for your new home and would vary according to the condition of the house and how you choose to maintain it. It might include garden maintenance costs, home cleaning, pest prevention costs, inverter/generator maintenance costs, any amenities you have access to, etc.

Once you have decided on a budget, it is time to look at what kind of house you would want to live in. 


  • Home-designs: Your choice of a house style largely depends on your lifestyle, preference and the number of members in the family. List down your house specifications before you start searching. Check out various villa projects in Sarjapur Road to know your options. Many homes offer front and back yards, if that suits your preferences. 

  • Condominiums: Condos are similar to apartments. These are built on connected blocks in a housing community or complex of buildings. Swimming pools, gardens, gyms are shared within the housing community.

  • Villas: Villas may have their own gardens, swimming pools, etc. or shared amenities with the villa complex. Villas can be single-family or multi-family homes, depending on the owner’s requirements. The villa owner is solely responsible for its repairs and maintenance. If you are looking for a villa, Casagrand’s Esmerelda in b is an excellent consideration if you are looking for villas in Bangalore.

  • Must-haves: Make a list of your “must-haves” handy to check. Your list may contain a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms, a separate terrace, a swimming pool, front or backyard garden, French windows, porch, garage or parking space, etc.

  • These are real estate agents or real estate companies that help people reach their choice of an ideal home. Ask for recommendations so you know they are reliable. Spend a good amount of time with your realtor so they understand your needs and required specifications. 

  • Rentals Cost: If you would like to buy a villa for the purposes of renting it, check out the rental cost in the area. Realtors can also help you with detailed information about costs according to location and property.

Finance: To procure the right financing for your home, consider all the options available to you. Confirm all information about the bank, your home loan eligibility, loan approval process and requirements, interest rates, fees, etc. Be sure to ask your social circle about how they have chosen to finance their home buys. 

Summary:While Bangalore offers several lovely localities to consider, the villas in Sarjapur Road are sure to be a home owner’s delight. The area is well-connected and offers many modern day amenities and conveniences. Check out the various villas for sale in Sarjapur Road while keeping in mind our guide on how to go about buying one. You are sure to have your own dream villa soon!