With an increasing number of environmental issues like air pollution, climate change, improper waste disposal and more, ecological conservation has become the need of the hour. There are numerous small  but effective steps that each one of us can take to start leading a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. For our planet’s better future, it is crucial to resort to eco-friendly home maintenance ideas. Here is a list of ideas for maintaining sustainable homes.

A tranquil garden

A splash of vibrant, natural greenery in our homes can create an oasis in the midst of our urban lifestyles. You can have a big garden if you have a spacious backyard. In case you live in an apartment, you can design a small compact garden either on the rooftop or on your balcony. To combat the space issue, vertical gardens are gaining traction. You can choose the type of garden based on your choice and available area. Having a garden has more value than to just enhance aesthetics. It cleanses the air and fills it with abundant freshness and oxygen.

Dispose of your waste smarter

Improper disposal of waste can prevent proper recycling, can clog landfills and lead to excess methane production. To avoid this, all you have to do is to segregate your waste as biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Plants wastes, fruits and vegetable peel and leftover food come under biodegradable waste, while plastic products come under non-biodegradable waste. You can even go the extra mile by making compost out of organic trash. For this, take a large barrel filled with mud and start burying food waste into it. Over time, you will get fertile soil that can be used as manure for your garden. In the case of non-biodegradable wastes like plastics and chemicals, try to reuse if you can, or else give it for recycling.

Save energy

High electricity bills are a common concern for everyone. However, there is a simple solution for this: simply switch off your fans and lights when not in use. Also, if your home is well-ventilated, keep the lights off during the day and bask in the warm glow of natural sunlight instead. Although it may sound trivial, small changes make a huge difference. Invest in a good LED lights instead of incandescent lamps as these last for much longer and do not consume as much electricity. You can also shift to solar panels instead of electric power as they make use of renewable sources of energy. Although installing solar power is expensive, it is a one-time investment that cuts down on your electric bills drastically. 

Use water judiciously

Water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges of our modern times. To save water at home, remember to close the taps tightly to avoid water leakage and check on the flush system for any leaks. Try to avoid shower bath and instead use buckets so you can keep a tab on how much water you are using. If you have water purifiers that discharge wastewater, try to use them for domestic chores or for watering your plants. One of the most important ways to save water is by ensuring that your house has proper rainwater harvesting done. Additionally, install small catchment areas to collect rainwater during the monsoon seasons. 

Say no to plastics

Plastics are non-biodegradable; your shampoo bottle, for example, could take around 450 years to decompose. There are simple ways you can start using less plastic in your life. You can switch to glass and aluminium utensils instead of plastic storage cans for food storage. While you are grocery shopping for your home, ensure that you carry your own cloth or jute bag to collect the groceries, instead of using plastic ones from the store. Let your home stand as an example of an eco-friendly home.

Track your activities

You can invest in a good quality energy monitor that tracks your electricity consumption. It is best to note down the usage to be aware and conscious of your energy use. Also, note down the sustainable materials for your home and when you are planning to remodel your home, remember to use these sustainable materials.

Switching to sustainable living can have several long-term benefits for the planet. If you are looking to invest in a best home for implementing sustainable home ideas, then head out to Casagrand