With the busy, stressful and demanding lifestyles that we all live today, taking care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually is super important, and it is critical to prevent burnouts. These days, it is customary and necessary to invest in a home that caters to these modern needs. While you are looking for flats for sale in Chennai to call your own, we must ask you to consider the wellness-themed projects that Casagrand offers.

Not every apartment for sale in Chennai is in a well-thought out project that puts the spotlight on your well-being, but these projects by Casagrand in Medavakkam and Mogappair definitely are.

Casagrand Tudor and Zenith are two wellness-themed projects in Chennai that are designed to serve as blissful abodes for you, after you return home after a hard day’s work. These wellness-themed homes in Chennai have a lot of amenities and features that make sure your health and mental peace stay great, such as:

  • Dedicated spaces for meditation
    Wellness-themed projects now have assigned spaces that are conducive to meditation. Quiet spaces where you can sit and reflect, with no disturbance are a luxury in today’s time. That’s why wellness-themed projects like Casagrand Tudor and Casagrand Zenith have meditation areas for you to unwind in.
  • Reflexology Pathways
    Walking barefoot has a positive effect on health and wellbeing. It is said to be grounding, calming and soothing when you walk on rocks that have been polished to have this reflexological effect. Modern wellness-themed spaces have reflexology pathways that allow you this experience, right where you live, if you seriously consider the flats for sale at Mogappair, and the apartments for sale at Medavakkam.
  • Unique Wellness Features
    Not many flats for sale in Chennai give you the option of a chlorine-free pool, to make your swim sessions absolutely safe, and even an oxygen-infused gym, to make sure the air you breathe while working out does your body good. Casagrand’s Zenith and Tudor go the extra mile to offer you amenities to put your body’s health first. You would be hard pressed to find apartments in Chennai give you this luxury!

Apart from these, Casagrand’s apartments for sale in Medavakkam and Mogappair also have features and amenities like:

  • Wholesome leisure pavilions
  • Organic and Herb Gardens
  • Many spaces for informal seating
  • Yoga Courts

You can also find other unique and wellness-focused features such as:

  • Air purifiers in master bedrooms
  • Abundant open spaces to enjoy
  • Chlorine-free swimming pools
    The use of chlorine in purifying swimming pools has started to be questioned by those who are concerned about the effects of chlorine on our bodies. To make sure your swims are absolutely safe for you, Casagrand is now offering you the option of a project that has chlorine-free swimming pools.
  • Oxygen-infused clubhouse and gym
    Working out tires your body, and can affect your oxygen saturation as well, which in turn affects wellness. Casagrand Tudor and Zenith now offer oxygen-infused gyms that make sure the air you breathe at the gym is truly invigorating.

These premium features in Casagrand’s projects are over and above other amenities like a fully equipped clubhouse, jogging tracks, gyms, uninterrupted views, airy homes and even an aqua gym facility at Casagrand Zenith and Casagrand Tudor.
Casagrand Zenith and Casagrand Tudor also have features like dedicated spaces for senior citizens, lots of child-centric facilities, and even facilities for hosting guests. These projects in Mogappair and Medavakkam have outdoor seating areas, lots of play areas, and multipurpose halls for people to meet and congregate in.

While you look for an apartment for sale in Chennai, make sure you consider centrally located or well-connected areas of the city like Medavakkam and Mogappair for your dream home. Wellness-themed homes are a requirement at a time when we live such fast-paced lives, and thankfully, having projects like these to choose from makes the decision less difficult.