Playing sports and being physically active is of great importance to stay fit and healthy. Sports are an amazing way to keep your body in great shape and form. It also does wonders for one’s mental peace. Any sport can teach one discipline, the importance of hard work, the process of honing a skill, and important lessons about winning and losing. We at Casagrand realise that our country is one that holds sports in high regard, whether professionally, for fitness or for fun. We are, after all, a nation of cricket lovers, football enthusiasts, and basketball supporters. Most of us receive our exposure to sports quite early in life and that is when our appreciation for the sport develops and anchors itself.

We recognize and respect this. So, we decided to bring to you Chennai’s very first Sports-themed community – Casagrand Arena, and its counterpart in West Chennai, Casagrand Athens.

Here’s what you need to know about Casagrand Arena and Athens, and how we made both these projects truly sports-centric ones.

  • More than 40+ exclusive sports amenities
    No other apartment project in Chennai boasts of over 40 exclusive and high quality sports amenities. From a basketball court, to a squash court, to a tennis court, to a box cricket zone, nearly every sport out there has been covered by Casagrand Athens.
    Casagrand Arena, too, boasts of several full-sized courts for a multitude of sports, and has over 20 exclusive sports facilities, such as a volleyball court, a golf putting green, and even a dedicated football field.
  • Lavish Clubhouses at Casagrand Arena and Athens
    No other apartment complex in Chennai has a large, expansive and highly equipped clubhouse, quite like Casagrand Athens does. Spread out over 4 floors, the clubhouse homes sports that one does not get to play generally, such as Air Hockey.
    Casagrand Arena, too has a massive clubhouse, with all indoor sports such as Squash, a video game centre, and a Skating rink as well!
  • Sporting amenities never seen before
    Casagrand Arena’s full-sized courts are an amenity that is hard to find elsewhere. By sheer virtue of space, we offer spaces dedicated to sports that otherwise could not be played properly.
    Casagrand Athens actually offers sporting amenities that cannot be found anywhere else. We offer a mini indoor bowling set up, a swimming pool equipped with water sports, an Aqua Gym, and a super fun trampoline park that you would be hard pressed to find at any other apartment complex in Chennai.
  • 75% open space
    We appreciate sunlight, fresh air and tranquil spaces. We also recognise that morning and evening walks are a huge part of staying fit as a fiddle. That’s why Casagrand Athens and Casagrand Athena both offer huge open spaces, available to you for walks, outdoor picnics and to meet members of the community.
  • Indoor games room
    Casagrand Athens’ and Casagrand Athena’s indoor game rooms have you covered for just about every traditional indoor game, such as table tennis, chess, carrom and snooker, but you can also play video games at the never-before-seen video games arcades at both projects.
  • Martial Arts and Yoga rooms
    Casagrand Athens has a dedicated space for learning Judo and Karate, which is amazing for children and adults alike, who have always wanted to learn these ancient crafts. Casagrand Arena as well offers a similar space, and also a meditation centre. This means you have the facility of a completely separate space where we envision yoga classes to be held, where you can get in touch with your spirituality while you recover from hard sports!

There are all of these sports-centric amenities, and so much more, as well. Apart from sports, Casagrand Arena and Casagrand Athens take the needs of every single citizen who lives in the project seriously. From senior citizen-friendly designs to dedicated crèches and school bus pickup points, Casagrand Arena and Casagrand Athens are designed for those who would like to live a wholesome, enriched and active lifestyle. If you are looking for flats for sale in Mogappair, or a villa for sale in Oragadam, we strongly suggest considering Casagrand Athens and Casagrand Arena.