A Vedic study of architecture based on directional considerations, Vastu Shastra is an age-old practice with diverse applications. Vastu has deeply embedded roots in our culture, and many people have shown their faith in it. In this practice, an east-facing house Vastu plan is believed to be the most promising choice to make as you buy property. Having an east-facing home is believed to bring success, good health, wealth and happiness to your home. 

Let’s discuss all details about an east-facing house Vastu. Further in this blog, you will come to know about do’s and don’ts in an east-facing house, the orientation of the bedroom and kitchen in such a house, the interior and orientation of it, and what all commodities are believed positive in such a house. 

The Direction of the Temple in East Facing House Vastu Plan  

Temple is the most spiritual and purest part of the house. It is the epicentre of all your emotions, good intentions, and peace. This is the place that attracts the goddess of prosperity and brings positivity. That is why you must go for a Vastu plan when building a temple.

In the east-facing home, the Vastu plan temple should be in a northeast direction.

The Direction of the Living Room in East Facing House Vastu Plan 

The living room is the area where you spend time with your entire family. It is the room of joy, and relaxation, where you watch TV or talk to your loved ones here. In the east facing, Vastu house plans the Living room is suggested to be in the northeast direction. With this, the north and west walls of the living room should be thin and shorter when compared to the walls of the west and south. 

The direction of the Kitchen in East Facing House Vastu Plan 

The kitchen is the heart of your home where you prepare meals & share the joy with your family. This place makes you happy and healthy by serving nourishing food. All this makes the kitchen an integral part of every household. 

In your 1 bhk house plan with Vastu which is east facing north-west and south-east are believed to be prosperous directions.

The Direction of the Bedroom in East Facing House Vastu Plan

A 3 bhk flat is massive, and spacious, which means you have more area to decorate beautifully while planning Vastu. In such cases, Vastu becomes the most important for each bedroom. In the 3 bhk east-facing house plan as per Vastu, bedrooms should be in the South-west direction.Alt text – 3 bhk east facing bedroom Vastu

The Direction of the Garden in East Facing House Vastu Plan 

The Garden is a soothing area that excites every soul. Some colourful flowers on the balcony attract birds, and butterflies and they bring positivity with them. In the east-facing plot, the garden should be grown in the north or in the west.

Things to Do in an East-Facing House Vastu Plan 

An east-facing house is a blessing in itself since the east is the direction of the sun. Sun is the god of charm, this direction will fill your space with illumination. Following are the things you should keep in mind from Vastu for your east-facing home –

  1.  Light colours work best for east-facing houses, as they are bright and welcoming. For instance, light blue and white are believed to be the best choices.
  2.  The plantation of Tulsi, Shami, and money plants is suggested for maintaining happiness. 
  3.  The plantation of one or two small plants in front of the kitchen gate is believed to be prosperous. 
  4.  Placing a kuber Yantra is the reason for financial development in east facing house

Things to avoid in an East-Facing House Vastu Plan 

Vastu Science has many specifications, and for east-facing, house following are the things you should avoid –
The north-east direction is believed to be very special in east-facing houses these things are not allowed in the north-east direction  

  1. Construction of Toilet. 
  2. The construction of the bedroom is a big no! 
  3. The construction of a septic tank is not allowed. 
  4.  Building a staircase in this direction.

So, these were all the know-how about Vastu directions for an east-facing house! 

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