An age-old problem for those living or looking for houses in big cities, we know what a space crunch feels like. Urban dwellers will agree with the charm and challenges of living in small spaces, but the good news is that making a room appear bigger is much easier than you think. It all boils down to how you’re tricking the eye into perceiving that there is more room by simply adjusting the light and movement in your living space. Make a note of these 5 practical ways that can help you make a small room appear bigger instantly.

Let the Light in
Lighting, especially natural lighting, is a significant element into opening a space. The more natural light you allow, the easier it is to make a room look spacious. You can start with employing tall windows, sheer window coverings, plants near the window area, creative light fixtures and mirrors around the room that can instantly open up the interiors.

Scale Down the Furniture
It is all about proportions. In order to create a sense of roominess, avoid picking bulky furniture or decor pieces; it could easily eat up a lot of your usable space in the room and make it appear overstuffed. Scale down the size of the furniture you pick and place it slightly away from the walls in order to add an illusion of more space. You just need to make smart choices when it comes to selecting furniture for small living spaces.

Keep it Hanging
This is perhaps the best time to utilize your wall space. Whether it is for hanging decor or shelves, putting walls to use is integral to organizing a small living space. Not only does it add depth to the room, but it is also a multifunctional way of employing more storage space around the house and taking the eyes off a cluttered floor.

Cut the Clutter
Speaking of clutter, one of the first few steps to reorganizing a small is getting rid of the unnecessary items. Buy minimal furniture that is functional with in-built storage, remove unnecessary cabinets, ditch heavy drapes and rugs, mount the television, and cut down on the decor items. Instead, create a focal point in the room using decor and furniture, so that you don’t feel the need to use up all your flexible moving space around the room.

Choose Light Hues and Clever Contrasts
Light colours can instantly brighten up a room and create an illusion of more space. Lighter hues are reflective, so they help in storing the light within the room. On the other hand, dark hues absorb light, which could easily make the space appear crammed and stuffy. Use light colours for walls, curtains and flooring, while you contrast it with darker hues of decor.

If you intend to make your living space appear more spacious, these easy space saving solutions are the stepping stones towards a beautiful, airy home. Whether you’re redecorating or buying a new house, these practical ideas can be helpful. If you are on the lookout for a spacious 1 BHK in Chennai or 2 BHK in Chennai, we have some exciting news for you. Casagrand developers offer super spacious apartments in Chennai in all configurations, so that you do not feel the need to scale down on your imagination of a dream home. And just in case you need more space, these easy hacks can come in handy!