Indian monsoons bring a slew of unforeseen damages to the house. The sudden downpours can affect the walls, cause leaks, molds, fungus and start chipping off paint. We know most of you prep your homes before the monsoons hit in mid-May, but the foolproof way of ensuring your house is fully protected is by doing some damage control before the season is completely out. In this way, you can confidently know if your home is ready and damage-free.

Seal the gaps
Check your house for any leakages, cracks or gaps and replace any rusted pipes or hinges. It is an ideal time to identify where the water is seeping in from and seal these gaps. If it remains unchecked, the outlet may widen and cause further damage to the walls, flooring or furniture. Make sure you note these gaps as you may have to take extra care of it further on.

Maintenance of electricals
One thing we’re all sure of is that water does not go hand in hand with electricity, especially during the monsoon season. Rumpled and disarranged electrical units can result in long power cuts, short circuits and even worse, dangerous electrical shocks. This may be an ideal time to take care of any hanging wires or switchboards that may cause undue damage. Consult an experienced electrician and get these fixtures in order before the season is out.

Prevent insect infestation
Monsoons bring humidity, which makes your house the perfect breeding ground for insects, termites and other pesky creatures. These insects can ruin your walls and furniture and stay there for months even after the monsoons. Check your house for mould and other infestation which may have crawled up during the monsoon season months. Contact a professional to fix this problem, and then check for it again if it persists.

Check household drainage
The monsoon showers may have left blockages in your drainage system. This may be a good time to identify these blockages or any other drainage concerns and get the problem fixed before it gets out of hand. Clean the filters, check your rainwater harvesting system and make note of any clogged pipes or drains that may be causing damage. This is where you need to start your preparation for next year’s monsoon season.

Identify problematic areas
All households have distinct monsoon concerns. Before the season is out, it will be ideal to identify the problematic areas of your house and get those in order before anything else. The best way to do any damage control for the forthcoming seasons, it is helpful to plan one step ahead. See what’s causing you problems when it is raining and get rid of it before it becomes a major hassle.

When you look for a house, checking its threshold for damages is one of the most significant steps towards making an informed decision. Choosing a house during this time can help you understand the most exposed state of the apartment. If you are planning to buy an apartment in Chennai or buy a villa in Chennai, trust Casagrand to present you with the most realistic picture of its properties. Not only is it prepared to battle the monsoon season, but also equipped with new and advanced ways to make your home beautiful, smart and a lovely place during any season.