Perungalathur, an upscale neighbourhood nestled in the southernmost part of the bustling city of Chennai, exudes an unrivalled charm you are bound to fall in love with. This thriving neighbourhood has a calm atmosphere that is enhanced by the greenery that surrounds it. Apart from the peaceful atmosphere, it also is one of the major IT development hubs. From remarkable education and healthcare facilities to exuberant entertainment spots, it has everything you could ever dream of! If you wish to live a life of peace and serenity without missing out on the essential luxuries of life, you must look for a house for sale in Perungalathur.

Apartments in Perungalathur offer an experience of an opulent lifestyle seamlessly blended with tranquillity. Here, residents can enjoy the refreshing embrace of nature by participating in outdoor activities and create precious memories with loved ones. Does that sound like your dream life? Know everything about flats for sale in Perungalathur and the five compelling reasons to invest in one through this blog.

1. Impeccable Connectivity and Transportation Facilities

When looking for flats in Perungalathur, location is one of the most important aspects to consider. Good for you! The strategic location of Perungalathur ensures unparalleled accessibility and seamless connectivity. Its proximity to the Perungalathur railway station as well as Vandalur and Urpakkam railway stations allows for easy commuting and quick access to various parts of the city. In terms of public transportation facilities, buses are always available. You can easily reach the Padapai bus terminus in minutes (6 to 7 minutes). The proposed new interstate Vandalur bus terminus is expected to change the transportation game for the locality and take it to another level. Thinking of travelling abroad for a few days? The Chennai International Airport is just 40 minutes away from this neighbourhood.

2. Marvellous Social Infrastructure Development

This prestigious neighbourhood offers a plethora of opulent amenities and cutting-edge facilities. Perungalathur provides its residents with an unrivalled standard of educational excellence, thanks to an array of prestigious educational institutions such as Vels Global School and Crescent College. Furthermore, its advanced healthcare facilities, like Apollo and AG Hospitals, ensure outstanding medical services offering ample health-related treatments and facilities at hand.

In terms of entertainment and food, there are ample spots and activities you can bookmark. You will only need to step out for an amazing experience which staying in Perungalathur. On the weekends, you can also head out to the Vandalur Zoo and Kishkinta Amusement Park, which are just a few minutes away from the neighbourhood.

3. Lush Lifestyles and Amenities

The properties here offer world-class amenities to their residents thus facilitating their dream life. When looking for flats or villas in Perungalathur, Casagrand Primrose is the place to be! This 9.14-acre enormous property offers 2, 3, and 4 BHK luxurious apartments as well as 3 and 4 BHK lavish villas. This property is destined to provide you with expansive spaces that radiate opulence and comfort in their purest forms. Casagrand Primose is a promise of 95+ amenities including a gym, video games room, swimming pool, kids’ play area, leisure pathway, yoga garden, and more. Its 28,550 sq. ft. meticulously planned clubhouse and 77% open space boasts 49,000 sq. ft. of landscaped podiums that are bound to lure you towards staying here.

4. Impressive Business Opportunities

This locality is close to major business centres such as Sutherland, Accenture, Infac India Pvt. Ltd., etc. Perungalathur is sure to become the fastest-growing business hub in the coming years, which makes investing in a flat here the best idea. At the moment, since the area is still in the growth phase, one must take the opportunity and invest in property in Perungalathur before the prices hit the roof.

5. Potential for a Brighter Future

Any investment you make especially when it’s buying yourself a house for sale in Chennai, considering the return on investment and the potential development proposed. There are plenty opportunities for future growth in Perungalathur. Property values, in addition to the cost of services, would ultimately skyrocket. This will generate a lot of money. Apart from that, a good, civilised environment is essential for your child’s overall development. Here, in a neighbourhood like this one, kids grow in a secure and civilised environment, which shapes them and their personalities holistically.

Wait no more! Buy a home in Perungalathur now! And remember to check out Casagrand Primrose if you are looking for an individual house for sale in Perungalathur or perhaps a luxurious 2 BHK abode.