Ongoing projects


Imagine having the luxury of space and large open areas right in the middle of the city. With Casagrand, you won’t have to imagine this when it can be your everyday reality. Padi is one of the fastest growing localities in Chennai, offering both developmental opportunities as well as quiet residential neighbourhoods. Living at Padi will cut your commute in half with its easy accessibility, connectivity and proximity to various offices. It also has several prestigious educational institutions like DAV and Velammal nearby, so you can be assured that your children will receive the best quality of education.

Among the projects in Padi, Casagrand Cascades stands out by a mile. It offers the most premium features imaginable and is unsurpassed in terms of quality and convenience. Every inch of this property has been carefully attended to, ensuring that our trademark luxury is evident in every corner. This is also one of the most exclusive properties, with only 32 apartments available.